Friday, May 03, 2013

Found Treasures

Dear Friends, 
We have been busy since I returned from England--not much time to write. 

Paul had arranged for the 25 year old carpets to be replaced in three rooms in the first week; which meant that the installers would be moving bedroom, dining room and office furniture around; which meant that a china cabinet, cupboards and bookshelves needed to be emptied and their contents packed away and then put back--you probably fully understand the scope of the flurry of activity that awaited me!

Of course, you know, I couldn't put things back without washing them first, and I used the opportunity to purge all items that had no real purpose or reason to be kept. "Pretty" didn't make the cut. I was determined and relentless.

I pruned a few books from my massive collection too, and put the books back in categories and by author, in alphabetical order. Big was most satisfying. :)

There is still more to be done, but I am so encouraged by the results that I will not lose momentum until it is done.

That's why I've been quiet here.

Amongst the dust and rubble I found treasures though and one was a folder with the label, "Correspondence, Belinda--Family in England: October 01--October 03. " 

Regular readers here know that October 03 is when Mum's stroke happened and life changed for her--and for us.

I started reading the precious letters but then I thought that I would share at least some of them, because then you will get to know Mum in a way you haven't so far. Typing out some of her correspondence will be a way for me to "re-read" her letters to you--something I will enjoy.

Stay tuned for the beginning chapter tomorrow. 


Dave Hingsburger said...

Lovely idea

Belinda said...

Thank you Dave. I would love people to hear her wonderful voice.