Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Red Herring has Landed

By Belinda

A towel turban wrapped my still wet hair when I heard the phone ringing downstairs. As Paul answered, I could tell by his tone and laughter that this was a call from someone he knew well. I couldn't resist poking my head out of the bedroom and looking down at him with a quizzical expression, to see who was calling so early in the morning.

"Oh, she's right here Rob," Paul said, "Just hold on a minute," and he held out the phone as I came down the stairs, rather glad that Rob doesn't yet have that laptop, and wasn't calling on Skype. Of course his son John, just assured me on Face Book that even if his dad had got a laptop last week, he would not have taken it out of the box yet! "Ha ha," I said, "Too true!"

I heard my brother's voice, "Belinda, I just had to call to tell you your card and photos arrived! They came through the letter box this morning, and it was just as if you had popped them through. They weren't bent, even slightly." 

He was absolutely thrilled with them--a little "red herring." 

I have a stash of treasured old family photos and I decided to have 8 x 10 copies made of about 20 of them for some close family members. I was going to take Rob's set with me for his birthday, but last week I decided to send them first, with his birthday card, so that he would think that this was his birthday surprise.

Rob was SO happy with them. "Belinda, you couldn't have got me a  better present," he went on. 

I thought, "Wait until Saturday!!!!"

How much more exciting can this be? My case is on the floor and   rapidly filling up. It contains Maple Cream cookies for a certain family of friends; 
Benny Bully's for Bruce, and an assortment of other treasures!

Bursting in Bond Head, signing off for now.


Susan said...

Leave a little room for my cards! (one for Rob and one for the Ashtons) And The Elk Antler!

Yes, an elk antler.

Why an antler you ask? Because my exhaustive research tells me this is the BEST chew toy for the even the most voracious chewers - like our Brucey-boy - and that it should take him at least six weeks to chew it down to dust. And it's GOOD for him. Full of things like chondroitin.. (and stuff).

(Six weeks? Hmmm. I give him three. Tops.) Hope they let you take it through customs! :)

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you, and Rob (and yes even Bruce). I can only imagine the look on your brother's face - especially after the red herring. Good on ya! I remain on alert for news. Have a ball!

Belinda said...

ELK ANTLER!? Ohhhh Susan! Bruces' jaw will drop--momentarily! :) Then the drooling will begin. I can see him now, getting down to serious business, mastering the antler and grinding it into submission. Thank you--I think. Ha ha!

Belinda said...

Anonymous, you have a special corner in my suitcase. You are definitely along for this ride. :)

Dave Hingsburger said...

what fun! You must feel like a little girl again, preparing to surprise here brother.

Anonymous said...

How is suppose to get any sleep with such excitement going on!

Belinda said...

Dave--you nailed it! That's exactly how I feel. :)

Belinda said...

Anonymous, I am so wound up I could clean the whole house and cook all the left overs in my fridge--wait--I've almost done that!

Anonymous said...

I know, I was on the telephone with you at about 9:17!!!

Love and prayers, B & J

Belinda said...

Thank you SO much for calling to pray with me Jane. It meant so much--and thanks to your weather forecast I am definitely packing my silk Long Johns --a gift from Susan one Christmas! :)

Susan said...

I wore my silk long johns to the Sunrise service... :)

Jane said...

Waiting to hear if the person with the fishing rod has landed!

Susan said...

Yes, Jane we all are!