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It Runs in the Family

By Belinda

It's officially a family affliction, this sentimental attachment to photos!

I have had so many creative suggestions in the comment section on how to "have my cake and eat it too," i.e. a clutterless house, and yet have a way to display photos of the people in my life.

My Dutch cousin Deb, who lives in Alicante, Spain; wrote that she solved her need to have photos of her dear ones on display, by using a clear plastic curtain with pockets into which she slotted her photos (that's a photo she sent me above.) She explained:
"It is like a curtain with holes in it on top and probably to put cd's in but for me it was the photo curtain I had in the entrance-hall in the former flat......I have to find a new place for it here."
Cindy, a blog friend, suggested putting the fridge photos into an album which would be on top of the fridge for people to browse through. This was getting warm, but still dangerously like clutter to me in my zeal to finally be free of it. :)

She didn't give up that easily but came back with the winning idea: she suggested scanning all of the photos and putting them into a digital photo frame, which can be on display right where people expect to see their photos. They can stand and gaze at it, as they once did at the photos on the fridge.

The spectacular thing is that I already had a digital photo frame; a gift from my dear friend Susan, several Christmases ago. This is my funny confession: it was still in the box! It's funny because my poor brother Rob has been teased by me about his printer being still in the box, and the potential for the laptop to also remain there for some time--once he buys one. Some things truly do run in the family. :)

Thank you for enjoying the fun of solving the problem. I didn't expect so much help, but I am glad for it because I am now able to say:

Guilt Free in Bond Head--that's me!

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