Sunday, April 21, 2013


By Belinda

I arrived home to the fair land of Canada late yesterday and so glad to have email that feels as though it is working at the speed of light--which it probably is! I will continue to be grateful whenever I think back to the chug, chug, chu-u-g--stop! of the internet over the past two weeks. :)

I thought that I would write and journal regularly while I was away, but here I am already home and only two journal entries and three blog posts to show for an entire vacation. That seems almost scandalous.

But apart from the time I wasted trying to connect to the uncooperative net, what this meant was that I was investing time in other things that I might not have done so well if I had been writing. Instead, I was being with, or doing things with, the people who were my whole purpose in being in England.

I am always struck by the irony of having judged people who spend so much time recording their lives on i phones or other recording devices that they aren't actually "engaged in" the lives they are recording. On Christmas morning they aren't eyeball to eyeball with their children or grandchildren, but viewing the scene through a camera or video recorder. And what is a writer doing if not the very same thing if they aren't careful?

As a bit of an introvert I find it easy and comfortable to hide behind a camera lens or a note pad! The slow internet and close quarters in Rob's flat, gave me little opportunity for that and so I relaxed and didn't hide. 

Rob expressed over and over how much the surprise of my visit meant to him. He said, "Nobody has ever done anything like this for me Belinda." When I heard that I knew that my mission had been accomplished; he knew that he was loved very much.

There are memories stored that I will reflect on and write about as time allows and as God leads, but tonight I couldn't go to bed without touching base to say say thank you for joining the adventure and making the joy greater by sharing it.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are home - you were missed. Yet you were mining new treasures for your heart, and Rob's. So glad the surprise worked out. Did you help him get a computer?? He must have laughed over your "panic". Look forward to hearing more.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome home!! I loved the pictures you posted, I loved the whole idea of the trip. It's good to have to back from a vacation that you loved. Like everyone else, I patiently await for the stories to come.

Anonymous said...

To hear you tell the story last night was priceless! Your sparkling eyes, you voice, your obvious body language. Thanks for bringing your life into ours.

Belinda said...

Dear friends, thank you for your patience, friendship and companionship. :)

Anonymous said...

eeI even notice that your blog loads faster now that you are back home.