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Many Plots Thicken at Once

By Belinda

As I have been hatching my plot to surprise Rob, Mum Burston has been planning a trip to England in April as well. This is quite a big deal, since she is the same age as my mum would have been--87 this year.

She is flying over with Paul's brother John, and his wife Wendy. They will spend 3 days with family in Redditch--just 3 miles from Alvechurch; then they will travel south to Cornwall and spend a week in Penzance  before going on to Southampton and then to New York City by boat. Quite the amazing trip! But it was the 3 days in Redditch that excited me this morning  when Mum B was filling me in on the details after church, because they will be there on April 8th--and I get to Alvechurch on the 6th! Sorry for all the exclamation marks but this is exciting.

This afternoon when I got home I picked up the phone to call Rob as we hadn't spoken for a few weeks. I noticed that it was beeping to alert me to a message. It was from Rob, who left it yesterday, when I had been so busy I hadn't checked the phone for messages.

I called and we both had three week's worth of news to catch up on.

He told me all about a spontaneous visit to our friend Diane's new house, where he saw Auntie May (Mum's dear friend) and Uncle Tommy who had come down from Newcastle to help her unpack. He told them that Diane's kitchen smelled like mine--a faint smell of coffee, and my perfume, which is the same as the one Auntie May wears--Aromatics Elixir by Clinique. Rob said that Auntie May was going to email me when they got home to South Shields.

I told Rob about Mum B's trip to England and that she would be in Redditch. "I will give her your mobile phone number," I said, "And maybe you can all meet in Redditch for coffee." The fact that I would be there too was so deliciously funny that I could hardly stand it!  

When I got off the phone with Rob, I checked my email. There was the email below from Auntie May. :)
On Monday morning,we had a surprise visitor,( who we thought was the expected plumber..)
Robert had arrived in his red car, we couldn't believe our eyes, he got loads of hugs, as we were so pleased to see him, although he didn't do the plumbing, but he did drink the coffee... 
We had a lovely chat,and a few good laughs, he only lives a 30 min. Drive away,if that!! 
It is so comforting,to us, to think Diane has someone she knows so well, not far away... 
We said we were coming back at Easter,and he is coming to see us then,but Diane has told him,to pop in anytime, and vice versa. 
He never mentioned his birthday, and has no idea of course of the lovely present he has coming dropping from the skies... 
Lots of fun ahead for all, love and hugs and hope to see you soon, take care,,Aunty Mayxxx.
While asking about Bruce, I also inquired as to the status of the Liver Chops stock. Apparently, he is only part way through the 2nd of the 7 bags I took over last year but Bruce reminds him every day if he hasn't had some by staring intently if Rob sits down for a cup of tea without giving him any. Rob said, "But don't worry Belinda, when he runs out, I will get some other kind of treat to give him." :)

Ah, Brucie, do not fear. You shall have more Liver Chops--and very soon! :)


Anonymous said…
I'm enjoying the serendipity of it all!
swissdebbie said…
Haha, the plot's like a thriller and I'm eager to turn the pages!
Belinda said…
It is fun! And the fact that the internet is a black hole to Rob makes it even more so! I hope it stays that way until after April 6. :)
I am so looking forward to your trip and the stories that are sure to follow.
Belinda said…
Me too, Dave. Only 7 weeks from this Friday until take off. Today one of my team told me that my office voice mail said that it was April 11. I was sure I'd said "February;" I must have April on my mind. :)
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