Friday, February 22, 2013


By Belinda

Hawaiian and pepperoni pizza; miniature red velvet and white velvet cakes and Sinbad Turtle Shells--we were celebrating Tippy's 15th birthday. 

As we devoured slices of George's pizza from the Bond Head Restaurant, Brenda regaled us with Tippy's birth story and we all remembered the day she entered the world at 6lb 9 oz, and looking a lot like her great, great grandmother, my own Omie Schipper, from Holland.

The girls talked about the new high school they'll be attending in the fall, and Tori said that she already knows which university she wants to attend--the University of GuelphOntario Veterinary College

They were on their way out of the kitchen to go back downstairs to their apartment when Tori noticed something in the glass part of the coffee grinder hanging on the wall. She slid out the square glass "coffee grind catcher" and cried, "Aaah! Spider!" and put it down on the floor where she and Brenda both gazed down on the helpless arachnid in horror, Tori having turned into a glazed eyed spider hater with murder on her mind, calling upon me to "Kill it!" 

"No," I said, "What has the poor thing done to you? And besides, I thought you wanted to be a vet!"

"For ANIMALS, not horrible INSECTS," she said, "Do you know how many spiders you swallow in a year while you're asleep?" and she gave some wild number that made me inquire, "How do you know that?"

"Discovery Channel and Animal Planet!" said our budding vet authoritatively. 

Well, I'm not a vegetarian yet, but I'm not keen on munching on spiders as a midnight feast, so I went to the authority that trumps Animal Planet--Google of course!

And I will be putting my granddaughter's mind at rest.
Apparently this rumour of orally fixated spiders is an urban legend. At least I hope so because our kitchen spider is back in his coffee grinder! :) 


Anonymous said...

I knew the Lord didn't call me for missions, having planted such a fear of spiders in me. Yikes. Hey - remind me NEVER to have coffee at your house!!! Ha ha.

Belinda said...

NO fear Anonymous friend, I don't ever use the coffee grinder for grinding beans. I think I will have to release my eight legged friend from his glass cage though as I think he got in but can't get out without assistance. But where to put him???? He would cause chaos downstairs!