Friday, August 17, 2012

Crazy Lady on the Loose

By Belinda

Tonight after cell group, Susan and I sat our the gray-green back room. The colour, called, "Sparrow," by Benjamin Moore, reminds me of the North Sea, and I love it. 

The crickets and cicada's chirped and sang loudly through the windows that I had just wound open to let the in the summer field symphony and a little cool evening breeze. 

Both our homes are in the throes of being organized; ours after a long series of renovations, and Susan's after one set of married children has left, and another son is about to leave for university on the east coast.

Susan said that what drives her CRAZY is when people leave things in her laundry room, like piles of clothes or stuff in the dryer, or things that don't belong in a laundry room.

"Do you know what drives ME crazy?" I asked. I didn't wait for an answer, but went on, "It's when people go in MY tool box, borrow things, and DON'T put them back!" 

I have my own little tool box for simple jobs like hanging pictures. It isn't sophisticated or anything, just filled with a supply of wire, screws, picture hooks, a level, a hammer, a set of screwdrivers, a pencil, and a few other odds and ends--including a very necessary retractable measuring tape. I don't have a lot of stuff, but when I need it I count on it being there to use.

With new colours on the walls at last, I wanted to hang pictures but I found that the measuring tape that used to be in the box had vanished. Paul had replaced it, bless his heart, and I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but the tape was thin, limp, and as useful as a piece of string. Okay I was ungrateful.

The day I went out to Costco to look for pictures, I stopped at Canadian Tire on the way home to pick up a new solid measuring tape. I stood in front of the display rack for a few minutes deliberating, and came out with a Stanley measuring tape with a long life, nylon coated blade. It was perfect and I took it to the cash register with a sense of great satisfaction.

I plonked it on the counter top beside a other few purchases and when the man in front of me gathered his stuff to leave, overcome with excitement and having the urge to share it, I picked up the tape  and looked at the teenager about to ring in my items, and said, "This is MINE. And my husband is not touching it!"

Have you ever cracked a joke and known instantly that the other person didn't get it? At all?

The girl said, "O...kay...," slowly, with a straight face, and proceeded to ring in the items without another word. 

The silence fell around us. I felt as though I had morphed into "crazy lady," and as though she was thinking, "I have a strange one here, better just stay calm and do my job."

Crazy Lady gathered her bags and probably to both of our relief, left the store as fast as possible. 

It probably served me right for being so possessive of my measuring tape. 

Or perhaps that should be, "ours." :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my - relate so much. Not to the laundry room scenario - ours is in the basement surrounded by stuff - your friend would "die", but to the tools and the "mine". it so hard to grasp the concept??? :-) It is because it is organized and others are sure it is going to be there that they avail themselves? Drives me crazy. Then I go to use something...not there.

And although I'd like NOT to point fingers, unfortunately there is only ONE other person in this house. And he has a whole garage full of tools - and two, yes two toolboxes...yet somehow my little gathering of tools manages to disappear.

Ahhhh...I though I had him licked by creating a small bin in a kitchen drawer for "upstairs" tools - yes - I thought I had a plan. But NO. Because he uses them and then misplaces them (or more maddening, looses the different tips for the screwdriver) out come "mine".

So - too bad if we are "crazy ladies". I defend our right to our tools. Goodness - they should be glad we know how to use them!! :-)

(Yes - I get the concept of "ours" - but it seems that "his" is his and "mine" is ours...ha ha.)

Belinda said...

Ha ha ha! So funny! So "Yes!"

Cindy B. said...

I sort of solved the problem by buying a tool box and a lock so I lock it up - very same reason - my tools disappear because the other members of my family "know" they will be there when they want them.

I am thinking of hiding the box as well!

Belinda said...

Ha ha--Cindy! That's IT! They know that we can be counted on to have the thing needed in its place--but then they wreck our system!

Oh my! Locks! Hiding! These things sound like good ideas. :)

Anonymous said...

Okay friends ... this one really irks me to no end. I mean it is tools ... just like my toothbrush ... DO NOT TOUCH!

Belinda said...

Ha ha Anon! It seems like I am not alone. D'you think we should all get t shirts printed:
"Is it yours? I don't THINK so!"
:) I'm sure that would spark conversation. :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha - I think the tee-shirts might set off a theological debate. (In consideration of what is under the tee-shirt, marriage vows and all...:-) But a label on the toolbox - that would be good. :-)