Monday, January 16, 2012

Reindeer Antlers and Liver Bites

By Belinda

Dear Friends,
Although we arrived in England on Saturday, I was not able to connect to the internet until yesterday. I now have a "dongle" :) and in between cups of tea and kisses with Mum I will try to catch up on the goings on in Belindaland. :)

As Friday the 13th, the day of our flight (from Toronto to Birmingham, via Amsterdam,) drew near, the weather forecast in the Toronto area was foreboding. After an unusually mild winter so far, a snow storm was forecast.

Paul wanted to leave our home in plenty of time to make sure we had a margin for unplanned hold ups; this meant leaving at 2.30 p.m.. Leaving margin shouldn't be, but is, a foreign concept to me, but this is why God put us together, so I worked hard to be ready before my usual "last minute."

My work week had been beyond busy so I had laundry to do and all of my packing that morning, as well as a trip to Costco for Liver Bites for Rob's dog, Bruce. I had looked for them the previous week but there were none on the shelf. I went back hoping they would be back in stock, but no, on Friday there were still none to be found! I could not arrive in Alvechurch without Liver Bites, but Molson had an already opened but nearly full packet on top of our fridge. His favourites are Chicken Strips, so I decided to take the opened package of Liver Bites for Bruce.

One of the side benefits of traveling with Paul is that he travels light. He had already opened his suitcase neatly packed and locked case once for my "overflow," 4 packages of Maple Cream cookies for friends.

"Could I put three reindeer antlers in as well?" I asked.

Paul's mental picture was of a full set of antlers, not the naturally shed reindeer antlers from the pet store, which dogs love. Molson's was going to Bruce as he isn't really interested in chewing while Bruce is a chewing machine!

Paul opened his case again for the antlers--and then I prevailed upon him to add the package of Liver Bites.

Time was ticking by and it was getting close to the time we had to leave when Paul took them from my hands and bent down to put them into his case. It was one of those moments when something seems to unfold in slow motion that you wish you could stop--but you can't. The ziplock closure on the package wasn't sealed properly and before our eyes a cascade of Liver Bites poured into every nook and cranny of his case and clothing, accompanied by fine liver-ey smelling dust textured crumbs.

"Belinda! I can't believe you did that!" said Paul, as I apologized for this last minute diversion and we both swung into rescue mode.

As I picked out the Liver Bites and shook off the dust from Paul's clothes that had so recently been neatly packed and ready to go, I could only imagine how delicious he would smell to Bruce.

And just as I thought, Paul has been irresistible to The Brewster!

It was love at first sight with the reindeer antlers too.

This is Bruce in the afterglow. Stay tuned for more Alvechurch Chronicles. :)


Dave Hingsburger said...

Oh, how very wonderful to hear from you ... we watched the weather on Friday and hoped that your trip went well. It's nice to know you are there and safe. The picture of Bruce is terrific, I imagine you didn't look much different when you finally arrived and managed to get some sleep!

Belinda said...

Ha ha! Dave, you are right. We have been comatose on and off since we arrived. I have no idea how you get here and start presenting right away!

The trip did go well and we are grateful to be here.

Susan said...

So Paul smells a bit like Liver-Bites, hey? Well, thanks for making me laugh right out loud and wake up the sleeping bear next to me! :) Wish I could have been a fly on the wall but your well-told story is the next best thing! :)

Gloria said...

Having a good laugh by the fire tonight over the Bruce post Belinda! Gloria

Belinda said...

Hi Gloria,
I'm so glad this gave you a chuckle! Being a dog person, you would understand my priorities. :)