Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our Day at Schiphol--in Photos

By Belinda

We are safely back in Canada after a 19 hour journey home. The journey shouldn't have been that long but our flight was changed from the one that I had booked, just before we left, meaning that we would have to be at Birmingham airport at 4.30 a.m. and then would have a 5 hour wait between flights, at Schiphol Airport

It was gruelling for Paul--it did make for a very long day; but I loved being surrounded by the Dutch language; people watching; visiting the art exhibition entitled Holland in Winter; reading and taking photographs. I made the most of the time and secretly enjoyed it. 

Here is some of what I saw at the beautiful airport.

I have more to tell, but  just now I am going to bed.


Susan said...

Oooo. Your photos are stirring up a sense of adventure in me... I think it's time to plan another vacation! :)

swissdebbie said...

Hi Belinda, it takes an "outlander" to see those things most dutch people, and me, will walk past without seeing them!
but then I have not been at Schiphol for a long time, fortunately both Geneva and Alicante flights land in Rotterdam.

Belinda said...

Susan, then we'll just have to add Amsterdam to the Alvechurch itinerary. Ha ha!

Belinda said...

Deb, Schiphol is decidedly Dutch! So gezellig! :)

Marilyn said...

THANK YOU for bringing all this here. I love people watching, especially in airports. This was a beautiful one. And you captured the artwork with description! I would have done the same. I feel like you brought a place far, far away that I will probably never get to see here to me. What a treat this was!

Belinda said...

Marilyn, Never say "never!" Who knows what God has up his sleeve? If he has sleeves that is. :)

One of the things I see in the photos is the life size poster of a woman pouring from a jug, from a Vermeer painting. She--a woman from almost 400 years ago, peacefully pouring away among all the busy travelers attached to their electronic gadgets.

Belinda said...

Just noticed that in my memory it was a poster of the Vermeer painting, but it is a more clever display with the woman taken out of the painting and into the airport! :)