Saturday, January 21, 2012

An Afternoon with Friends

By Belinda 

Our friends, Chris, Eileen and Nel-Rose Ashton, drove down from Kendal in the Lake District--a 4 hour drive, to spend the afternoon with us today.

Eileen and I met as school girls when we were both 12, so that makes a friendship that has lasted almost 50 years.

The Ashtons long ago adopted Mum as their own "Omie," and make the journey down to see her several times a year, always bearing home made cakes and bags of other good things. It's a great comfort to know that they keep in touch and are such good friends to Rob and Mum.

They are also friends with many of our friends in Canada, such as Ron and Susan Stewart and Brian and Frances Furuya, having got to know them on their many visits over the years to us. In fact, this year we will be taking back Kendal Mint Cake for Ron Stewart from Chris. This special high energy food was taken to the top of Mount Everest in 1953 and Ron plans to take it on a skiing weekend.

Bruce is a favourite with the beautiful Nel-Rose, who is, however camera shy.

Chris is a garrulous, high energy Yorkshire-man!

I made a chicken casserole with rice, carrots and cauliflower for our lunch, which we followed with Sainsbury's apple and blackcurrant pie and apple crumble, with custard or cream.

We also had tea and coffee with digestive biscuits and chocolate bourbon creams--all in all a party!!


Anonymous said...

Really nice pictures. Miss you folks.


Belinda said...

Hi Jane!!!
So nice to hear from you. :)

swissdebbie said...

Hi Belinda, finally got the removal done but no internet yet, i am sitting in a cae now. tante Nelly looks well indeed, as do Rob and Bruce.
love, Deb

swissdebbie said...

i mean a cafe of course....

Belinda said...

Hey Deb, I am sitting with Mum, Rob and Bruce and passed on your greeting! I'm glad you are safely settled and hope you get hooked up to the internet soon. We have already talked several times to Tante Lijda and Joop on Skype.