Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Prayer

By Belinda

This is a "poem prayer" that is still a heart aspiration. Although I don't live it out as constantly as I wish I did, I want to. I believe in generosity of spirit.

If I am guilty, let it be
Of loving much
Of trusting much
Believing more than "eye" can see.
Let generosity my trademark be
And if perchance the world should take from me
The Lord will make the balance up--you'll see!

August 18, 1985


Marilyn said...

Lovely indeed!
I like, especially, "if perchance the world should take from me...", acknowledging the risk but then trusting God to make up the balance. It's a forward-looking prayer that also made me look back and recall the balances that have already been righted - a reminder to keep moving out into the risky places where I can't see the end, knowing God has all the balances well in hand, His not mine.

Belinda said...

Amen, Marilyn. I thought of this prayer throughout today. It was a good measuring stick for attitude for me. And we can never out give God.