Friday, September 02, 2011

"I Beg to Differ"

By Belinda (but not really)

I miss my friend and co-worker Susan, who is on the ferry back to the mainland from Newfoundland as I type this.

I was filing away a great quote on my work laptop a minute ago, when I came across an hilarious email from Susan in response to an email from me in which I was clarifying responsibilities for a meeting.  I know that she won't mind at all if I share it here and if it makes your head spin or makes you laugh--enjoy the ride. I do! :)

Please see email sent to you July 17 at 9:46 a.m. wherein I clearly volunteered to do the snacks.  Mind you, you said, "I beg to differ", in your response, but I thought you were talking about whether or I was responsible for doing an excellent job on the minutes.  (I said it was thanks to you, and you said, "I beg to differ".)  I think you must have been so excited about differing with me that you totally missed reading the last line of that email to you which read,
I'll do the snack next meeting.

Or perhaps "I beg to differ" on your part actually meant "no way you're doing the snacks next meeting" and didn't refer at all to who was actually responsible for the excellent minutes last month.  I guess only you know for sure.

But would you let me know now?  Because I'm still planning to bring a snack and it would be terrible if I showed up and you said, "But I begged to differ!"  No, that wouldn't be good at all...



Susan said...

I am totally confused! My poor friends and co-workers. :)

Belinda said...

Ha ha! It made me smile then and it does now. :)

Marilyn said...

You two are a great combination!

Belinda said...

Dear Marilyn, God has a sense of humour as well as great combinations when he puts people together I think! :)