Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friends, Finch Blocks and Happy Fridays

By Belinda

On Wednesday morning my office phone rang. I excused myself from the person I was meeting with because I'd been playing a game of phone tag with some people I needed to catch. It wasn't either one of them. The breezy voice on the end of the line was Frances--my friend.

 "Hello dear, are you busy?" she said, the question sounding oddly incongruous at that moment.

 "Well, I'm meeting with someone right now--can I call you back later?" I asked.

 "Oh, I'm so sorry," she said sounding annoyed at herself for calling, "I wrote a song, I just wanted to sing it to you."

I promised to call back at lunchtime, but lunchtime ended up being 2.30 and when I called her Brian answered the phone and said she had just left to pick up a daughter from school. He promised to let her know I'd called.

It was later, in the evening, when Paul and I were watching a movie that Frances called back. Paul paused the movie and I carried the phone into the next room.

 Frances had written the song to the tune of Song of the Exile from the movie King Arthur. She set the scene in the movie for me, where the actual song begins, Land of bear and land of eagle, and said, "Now just imagine a drone in the background."

Then, her beautiful voice began to sing  the words from scripture; words of praise to God;  that she had set to the music. I closed my eyes and listened, goosebumps breaking out on my arms; my heart lifting in praise along with hers.

"That's it!" she said, happy that her mission was accomplished. I told her I loved it, we hung up and I went back to Paul and the movie.

"What did Frances want?" asked the very patient Paul.

"Oh, just to sing me a song," I said.

He looked at me as if this was yet another one of the mysteries he did not expect to ever understand--or need to. :)

On Thurday night, Susan arrived for cell group with the granola bars that she had been inspired to bake after I wrote about the cardboard protein bars I'd been eating to keep body and soul together on the run.

When she proudly put them on my kitchen counter top, one of the cell group members, Elizabeth, looked up from chopping cucumbers for the giant salad we were making, and said, "Oh, Finch blocks!"

Susan's lovingly prepared granola bars in several variations of yummy nuts and seeds with miniature chocolate chips and raisins too, looked wonderful to me. I love anything that looks like birdseed. I broke off a piece immediately and it was delicious.

They were breakfast and lunch today, supplemented  with a banana.

I'm praying that the weather forecast for Saturday is wrong, because at work we have a big fall bbq planned in the local conservation area rain or shine.

But I'm happy that it's the weekend, no matter the weather and grateful for the blessings of friends, "Finch Blocks" and Fridays.


Dave Hingsburger said...

I had some of those 'finch blocks' too and all I can say is ... lucky finches! They were terrific.

Belinda said...

Ha ha Dave! Lucky finches indeed. Now if only my singing would improve accordingly. Must eat more finch blocks. :)