Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A Legacy

By Belinda

Today I will attend a memorial gathering to honour a colleague in the field of developmental services: Manuela Dalla Nora the executive director of Vita Community Services

Manuela died suddenly on June 21 and it is still hard to believe that she is gone.

In the 50 years she lived she was brave enough to challenge the status quo. Her life affected the lives of many others for good. Her life made a difference. What more could any of us ask?

In her memory I share one of my favourite songs, by Nicole Nordeman: Legacy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Belinda,

Lovely to meet you at the conference. I treasure the song you've posted about legacy...it expresses so perfectly how I want to live.

Blessings on you.

Royal Hamel,
Light the Darkness

Belinda said...

Thank you Royal! The song inspires me too.

Susan said...

A treasure indeed...