Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is It Me Or...?

The sign stood at the top of the steep path leading into the churchyard. I couldn't help it--the poster on the right seemed at odds with the rendering of the service times on the left with its random missing letters! Okay, I suppose it is not strictly the church yard. Let's walk on.

What has happened to the churchyard, I thought?

Then I spotted a sign.  Ah, that explains it! :)
More of the haven for wildlife! :) The other, newer part of the churchyard, where Dad's grave lies, is neatly mowed. This part would be spooky on a dark night! I don't know how they will fare in the Best Kept Churchyard Competition. But maybe they give points for nature in the wild. Rob hastened to the defence of the churchyard saying that it is maintained by faithful volunteers. I cast no disparagement on them. I just saw a little humour here.

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