Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Introducing B

I heard a voice through the open kitchen window. "Is Rob around?" asked the man with fine, whispy, white hair and a day or two's growth of whiskers. He was on a scooter and had a passenger:

While waiting for Rob to appear I asked about the compact tri-colour dog perched on the foot platform of the scooter. "She's a rescue dog," said the man, whose name is John, Mum's neighbour from across the road.

"Her name is B. I tried renaming her but she would have none of that."

"What does she do?" I wanted to know, "Other than companionship."

"Absolutely nothing," said John, "She can turn what should be a pleasant walk into a nightmare."

It seems that she, like Bruce, has yet to come to terms with the fact that she is not the only dog in the village; she does not like other dogs.

Post Script: Susan said in a comment that she was looking forward to Chapter 2 on B. I did finish rather abruptly, I realize! 

Later in the day I sat on the bench outside Mum's flat with Rob while we had a cup of tea. John rolled over and joined us for a chat. He told us B's history. Her last owner, an elderly man, died, and she stood guard over his body and would not let anyone near him, she was utterly loyal.

Afterwards she was placed with several families for adoption but all of them brought her back due to her anti social behaviour towards other dogs. John has no plans to give her back as she has been with him since last year, but he said that a walk with B is an ordeal! Love conquers all when it comes to those brown eyes though.


Susan said...

Looking forward to Chapter 2 on B. :)

Belinda said...

I added a little more Susan! :)

Dave Hingsburger said...

Love all the pictures and Bea looks very, um, intense, in the pictures. I love when a dog is rescued. We all need loving moments of rescue - so go Bea! I envyed you sitting out with your tea. What brand do you all drink?

Belinda said...

Dave, We were drinking Sainsbury's Red Label, but today I bought a great box of 240 Yorkshire Tea bags. I LOVE Yorkshire Tea! The box said that sipping is not the way to taste tea, but a great slurp in which the tea washes over all of the taste receptors on the tongue is the way to truly taste tea. I've been slurping all day since. :)