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The Wonderful Wedding and Our Family

By Belinda

I slipped downstairs in the darkness on Friday morning.

Paul, who had been grumbling all week, like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, about the non-stop Royal Wedding coverage, had kindly set the TV up on a high definition channel the night before, and put the two essential remote controls, side by side on the coffee table--even giving me a demonstration before going to bed to make sure nothing would go wrong in the morning. I am a TV remote phobic; convinced that any button I push will not work--and normally this affects my life not one bit. :)

After a few nerve-racking tries, to my relief, the picture and sound did come on and I settled on the couch, snuggled in a blanket with my laptop at my side. The laptop was because a few miles away in Alliston, Susan also would be up. We planned to connect by email and touch base, watching "together" even though separated by a few miles of fields.

"I'm up," she wrote at 4.19 and missives flew back and forth from then on.

It was as the Princes Harry and William were driving to Westminster Abbey that I realized that Mum would be watching too!  Five hours ahead in time, but watching exactly the same thing in her living room. I picked up the phone.

"Hello," it was her sweet voice.

"Mum! It's me--are you watching the wedding? Isn't it wonderful?"

"Yes, darling. Yes, it is." and she gave a little chuckle.

We laughed at how we could be, for probably the only time ever, watching exactly the same thing at the same time, while 3,000 miles apart.

From then on I kept in touch at key moments--just calling to share the excitement--the first glimpse of Kate; her dress; the bridesmaids and pages; the walk down the aisle on her father's arm; the ceremony.

Rob was not home. I gathered from Mum that he was out "getting food." My hunter gatherer brother.

The night before I had asked Tippy and Torie if they wanted to come up and watch the wedding with me. Brenda leaves for work at 7.00 and said she wasn't into watching the wedding before then. They girls were stunned at the very idea of getting up that early in the morning. Torie in particular is comatose in the morning; they are, after all a teenager and pre-teen. They need their sleep; although strangely that doesn't seem to be the case at 11.30 pm. :)

At 8.20, as I watched the crowds moving down the mall towards Buckingham Palace, I thought of the girls downstairs and hated them missing it all. They would surely be up and ready for school by then so I went down to invite them up for a few minutes. Torie was awake but still getting ready for school in a daze. Tippy came up and sat beside me on the couch. A few minutes later Torie slipped into a nearby chair. Together we watched the vast crowd in front of the palace and the sense of electric anticipation, waiting for Prince Willam and Catherine to step out on to the balcony. We saw movement behind the curtains.

"Do you think if I started chanting, 'Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate,' it would help?" I asked.

The glass doors opened, and the crowd cheered. The girls watched, wide eyed; enthralled, the first quick kiss.

And Torie bestowed on Brenda that evening, the reproach of failed motherhood, "How come you never taught us about these people?" Apparently everyone at school that day was talking about The Wedding.

On Saturday when I called Rob and Mum for our weekly chat, Rob said that indeed he had gone to Sainsbury's  during the wedding, to do some shopping.

"I bet it was pretty empty," I said.

"Yes it was Belinda," he said, "and all the staff were gathered around the TVs that they sell in the store, watching the wedding."

In church this morning I found my small flock of  Burston grandchildren in a pew.

"Did you see the Royal Wedding on Friday?" I asked.

Four dark  heads nodded in unison. The two boys were not quite as committed as the girls, who got up at 4.00 am. They came down at 6.00 am.when the bride and groom were ready to "get to the point."

I laughed and told them that I was up at 4.00 myself.

"The best part," I said, "Was calling Omie in England on the phone and 'watching' the wedding with her."

William looked up at me, his hazel eyes wide, and said, "Did she go to the wedding?"

"No," I laughed, "She was watching it on TV on the couch in her home."

"I thought she would go to the wedding because she's over there." he said. Perfect William logic.

So that was how The Wedding was for our family--we had it covered from Grinch to "Happy and glorious, long to reign over us," and everything in between.


What Fun! We were up too, it wasn't a hardship because we get up early every day. I had bought some Buckingham Palace Garden Party Tea and we sipped it as we watched. In fact I bought several bags of the tea, which comes loose leaf, and made up enough individual bags for about 150 Vita staff and members to have tea that day. I'd sent out an email to the whole agency and anyone who wanted it got a hand made tea bag for a cup. It was a big 'Vita Tea Party' and it was fun. I wish I would have thought of it, I'd have sent some to you and to Susan too. Ah well, when next we meet ...
Marilyn Yocum said…
"How come you never told us about these people?" Hahahahaha.
Belinda said…
Oh, the party continues--Buckingham Palace Garden Party Tea?! :) In anticipation. I will have to make cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches with the crusts cut off to enjoy it with, or perhaps some scones and jam, which is what Tippy and Torie's school celebrated with. :)
Belinda said…
Marilyn, yes, "these people," who would have thought it would come to this. Wait a minute, I think I've said that recently about something else! :)
mrspractical said…
Oh that we would be as enthralled with Jesus as we are with the royal family!
Belinda said…
I hope that we are enthralled on a whole different level with Jesus, Mrs. Practical--but we can never love him enough. This was a momentary joy in a couple's love--and a massive party to celebrate that.

I can't speak for Jesus of course, but I would like to think that he was there too, in the prayer that the couple wrote together and in the words of many of the hymns--speaking even to the guests who may not know him but need him. And this young couple, who went to such lengths, in small, very human gestures to connect on so many levels with so many people, past and present, brought sunshine into a country that is struggling through tough times.
Leslie said…
I agree with you, Belinda and love reading your Blog and your personal accounts.
I didn't mean that we shouldn't enjoy the celebration as I too, was caught up with it. Only that I wish my excitement and others for Jesus, matched and exceeded what we had/have for the royal family!
Belinda said…
Hello Leslie--thank you for all of your kind words, and for taking time to read here.

I agree that the way everyone put their agenda's aside on Friday to make room for this event, should at least be paralleled by how I make room for my Lord--King of all kings--and let's say there's room for improvement! :)
I think that we should be careful in comparing the current 'cult of celebrity' to the 'worship of God'. I don't think Jesus would welcome the idea of 'superstardom' or 'media sensation'. The royal wedding was 'candy' for the mind, something to be enjoyed and then, ultimately, forgotten. Our faith and fascination with Jesus and his life is something very, very different - not even in the same ballpark. I can enjoy pop culture as much as anyone else, this doesn't diminish my love of God because they aren't competing. Does that make any sense at all?? I love comments and posts that make me think.
Belinda said…
Yes,it makes complete sense, Dave. And your comments always expand on the ongoing conversation as we all wrestle through to what we really think, feel and believe, exchanging thoughts; taking away something good from the exchange of opinions.
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Theresa said…
I have to side with Paul on this topic. Now the bin laden story, I stayed up most of the night watching that breaking news. He might have not been good for much else but he did divert the media away from what Wills and Kate were going to eat for breakfast on Monday morning. LOL!! Thanks Osama! :)
Belinda said…
Oh, Theresa!I will tell Paul he has company. :)

I just shuddered when I heard about Osama, and wondered how many people would die in revenge. I hope I'm wrong! I'm glad that he was good for something though.:)
storygal said…
I was up early that morning also to watch the royal wedding, but sans the food. A bit early for me!

Like someone else mentioned, the wedding was an opportunity to dream bigger dreams, not hero worship.

I did appreciate the hymns, sermon and the vows by Will and Catherine(as she now wishes to be called).

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