Thursday, May 26, 2011

Presents! :)

By Belinda
Today I received two perfect yet very different gifts.

It was at the end of cell group and our big hallway was crowded with people putting on coats and gathering up books while holding conversations oblivious to the others going on all around at once as they readied themselves to go out into the dark, rainy night.

Jamie said, "I bought you a small gift," and ran out to his car to fetch it.

A few minutes later he came back in with a big Benix bag and inside was something weighty. The mysterious bag contained a rolling pin!

And not just any rolling pin. This one has specially weighted handles so that they stay in the right position--and the surface is non stick.

I cannot wait for Saturday when I think I will be making rhubarb pies and can try it out. I smiled and smiled at the unexpected gift.

It must have been the day for gifts to shower down like the rain beacause this morning Susan and I were at a training session where our friends Dave and Joe were manning the registration table

.Dave is a friend who delights in giving  perfect gifts. He said that he had one each for Susan and I.

Susan's was shortbread in a kilt shaped tin of Royal Stuart tartan. Perfect!

Then Dave asked me to close my eyes and hold out my arm. Obediently I did, feeling slightly sheepish as the crowds were gathering for registration and were already eyeing Susan's shortbread enviously.
I felt something clamp onto my wrist with the sensation of a handcuff! I looked--and this is what it was--a beautiful blingy bracelet--which I knew immediately symbolized  Dave's knickname for me when he isn't calling me "Kiddo." I am "Blog Princess!" :)

This was a day full of friends bearing gifts that brought a smile to my heart.

And if I do start to feel a bit like Cinderella in the kitchen with my rolling pin, I will put my feet up and put on my Princess Bracelet, have a cup of tea---and await Prince Paul.


Marilyn Yocum said...

PERFECT, both of them!

Belinda said...

They were perfect Marilyn--both made me smile! They were the perfect combination of appropriate and quirky in a gift. :)

Dave Hingsburger said...

Ahem, I am assuming that the bracelet was the 'appropriate' gift!? After all, you'd never buy a princess a rolling pin!

Belinda said...

Dave, of course, of course! :)Thank you so much. Very appropriate! :)

Susan said...

Could the rolling pin be some kind of a royal scepter in disguise? I'll betcha...

Belinda said...

Ha ha, Susan. Now what a funny image that is! :)

Susan said...

Hey! Now we can call you the Pie Princess. That's a lot better than that "other" name... :)