Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mothers and Daughters

By Belinda

Once upon a time, long ago in a far away land called Holland, a little girl was born.

She grew up to be a  natural beauty, with abundant dark  hair, almond shaped blue-grey eyes and high cheek bones.

One of eight children, and with four beautiful sisters, Pieternella had special qualities of personality--a quick sense of humour; ready laughter; a deep love of her mother; love of home and family; "a party waiting to happen" at the least excuse to celebrate; a people person who unselfconsciously reached out to all people she met; with the ability to be happy with the smallest things as long as those she loved were happy; someone who exemplified unselfish love--with a dash of obsessive-compulsiveness thrown in for good measure. And God chose her to be my mother.

God gave me other gifts and qualities, but I missed many of hers. I was shy, not at all a pretty child--and was mortified when Mum talked to anybody and everybody. She was outgoing and I was introverted, preferring to curl up with a book and find other worlds to live in. I thought that she was the most beautiful woman on earth and I loved the smell of her handbag--a unique blend of Revlon lipstick, Polo peppermints and lighter fuel.

Her most frequently used expressions were: "Isn't it exctiting?" "Be careful how you cross the street," and "Don't forget I love you."

When I grew up, God blessed me with the great treasure of a daughter of my own; Brenda. Unlike me she turned out to be outgoing; quick witted; a people person who gathers friends where-ever she goes. There is not an introverted bone in her body. In fact, she is very much like Mum. She has all of her unselfish love and she is the mother to her girls that I was blessed with in my Mum. She has her beauty, ready laughter--and even a dash of her obsessive-compulsiveness.

In no time at all, it seemed, she became the mother of two beautiful daughters--one of whom, Torie has a wit that has the potential to scathe, gathers friends easily, but is also shy and a lover of books above all else.  She is uniquely Torie.

Tippy is artsy and emotional; not a reader or writer, she has depths from which she speaks through her art--and sometimes through words and hugs.

We span over eight decades of living, laughing and loving and as long as one of us lives, none of us will die, for parts of us carry on with each successive generation.

From our family to yours, we wish you a Happy Mother's Day.


Dave Hingsburger said...

How lovely! It cheers me on a day where I need cheering. I expected to be all better today - and I'm not. So something like this matters as it makes me warm where my body is still aching with cold.

Marilyn said...

Loved this!
Despite losing my mother recently, I thoroughly enjoyed the day and thought a lot about the 'handed-down' things - about my mother and HER mother, bits and pieces of them I see in myself or in my children and now grandchildren. These are rich thoughts. A marvelous Mother's Day!

Great pics!

Belinda said...

Well, if it was just to make you feel better that would be worth the writing!

God bless you and speed your recovery. Rest and stay warm.

Belinda said...

Marilyn, you were in my thoughts on an off all day. I am so glad it was such a good day in all the ways you mentioned! Hugs and love!

Cindy B. said...

This is a lovely tribute to mothers and daughters.

It is funny how some traits completely skip a generation - but I guess that is what makes life more interesting!

Belinda said...

Yes, Cindy, it is so interesting! Torie seems to be a combination of several of us, and always, every one of us is a unique person and so much more than the sum of our characteristics.

storygal said...

A lovely portrait of your family. Thanks for sharing.