Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moments that Sparkled in a Busy Week

By Belinda

Life continues busy but yet I am compelled to write--my abiding joy. No long thing but two moments of simple joy to share:

Yesterday, I left the office late, knowing that Paul had a late dinner meeting. I headed for Costco in Newmarket to do some necessary shopping. We have had almost non-stop rain in Ontario this spring, and it was raining when I went into the big store. With my few purchases made, because I had no hungry spouse waiting at home, I decided to splurge and buy something to eat on the way out of Costco. I stood at the counter debating--1/4 lb hot dog or an ice cream cone. It was a hard decision and I knew that when the woman behind the counter said, "Can I take your order please?" I would have to make a split second decision. When the moment came, I went with the ice cream. For supper! Of the two I figured I needed a 1/4 lb hot dog less.

I licked the delicious, decadent, thickly creamy ice cream on the way out, pushing my buggy to the door. It was still drizzling, the sky still gray, but I had treasure in my hand. I stowed my stuff in the trunk, got in the car and leaned back in the seat. I watched the rain while I licked the cone and enjoyed sitting still, not rushing, simply enjoying a moment of doing nothing at all but sheer relaxation and indulgence.
A conversation with an intriguing woman, who said she came from academe and became a Christian 10 years ago. I was curious; how did she come to faith? She said that there was a long story behind how she came to the point of seeking for Christ (which I would love to hear some day,) but she didn't know any Christians. So she went to a church and had a conversation with the Rector about God. At the end she asked him, "Am I a Christian?"

He told her, "No, you are a theist," and he told her to go and read the Gospel of John.

So she bought a Gospel of John and went to a restaurant (this is the part I loved). She  ordered a litre of wine, told the restaurant staff to hold the food until she told them to bring it; started drinking and reading and halfway through the book of John she stopped drinking and left the restaurant, a Christian.

A litre of wine and the Gospel of John. How very cool is that for a coming to faith story?


Marilyn Yocum said...

I enjoyed both of these snippets, the picture you painted in my mind of the woman engrossed in John - bring the wine, hold the food - and especially the sheer joy of a simple ice cream treat when you are in no rush and it has been raining forever (it seems)! The little things really do sparkle and are worth noting.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Stark contrast to the bottle of beer and a fortune cookie message that makes up the theology of many, many I know.

Susan said...

My sparkling moment this morning: Looking out the window at four little boys waiting for the school bus at the end of our lane way, two in bright yellow rain slickers, two (at 9 and 10) too "old" for "raincoats", all four in black rubber boots, squatting around a puddle, poking sticks into the muddy water and then closely inspecting whatever treasure it was that they fished out together (probably a worm) and then all suddenly jumping up, running across the road and swallowed by a big yellow school bus with red lights flashing, while the littlest boy of all stood beside me at the windwo saying, "Bye, bye, guys. Bye, bye bus. All gone!"

Sheer delight.

Belinda said...

Susan, I loved your sparkling moment. You took a me there, right into your window frame!

And Dave and Marilyn, I'm so glad you enjoyed the moments with me.

Dolores Ayotte said...

Belinda...thanks for these little cute stories. I could just visualize you in the line at Costco deciding what to order. I think I would have indulged myself with a hotdog loaded with sauerkraut. You are far more disciplined than me. And the second story...a fine glass of red wine to top it off and to celebrate being a Christian would have made my day.