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Moments that Sparkled in a Busy Week

By Belinda

Life continues busy but yet I am compelled to write--my abiding joy. No long thing but two moments of simple joy to share:

Yesterday, I left the office late, knowing that Paul had a late dinner meeting. I headed for Costco in Newmarket to do some necessary shopping. We have had almost non-stop rain in Ontario this spring, and it was raining when I went into the big store. With my few purchases made, because I had no hungry spouse waiting at home, I decided to splurge and buy something to eat on the way out of Costco. I stood at the counter debating--1/4 lb hot dog or an ice cream cone. It was a hard decision and I knew that when the woman behind the counter said, "Can I take your order please?" I would have to make a split second decision. When the moment came, I went with the ice cream. For supper! Of the two I figured I needed a 1/4 lb hot dog less.

I licked the delicious, decadent, thickly creamy ice cream on the way out, pushing my buggy to the door. It was still drizzling, the sky still gray, but I had treasure in my hand. I stowed my stuff in the trunk, got in the car and leaned back in the seat. I watched the rain while I licked the cone and enjoyed sitting still, not rushing, simply enjoying a moment of doing nothing at all but sheer relaxation and indulgence.
A conversation with an intriguing woman, who said she came from academe and became a Christian 10 years ago. I was curious; how did she come to faith? She said that there was a long story behind how she came to the point of seeking for Christ (which I would love to hear some day,) but she didn't know any Christians. So she went to a church and had a conversation with the Rector about God. At the end she asked him, "Am I a Christian?"

He told her, "No, you are a theist," and he told her to go and read the Gospel of John.

So she bought a Gospel of John and went to a restaurant (this is the part I loved). She  ordered a litre of wine, told the restaurant staff to hold the food until she told them to bring it; started drinking and reading and halfway through the book of John she stopped drinking and left the restaurant, a Christian.

A litre of wine and the Gospel of John. How very cool is that for a coming to faith story?

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