Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tori's 12th

By Belinda

She turned 12 on Friday, this girl that I love, and we celebrated with supper at Crabby Joe's in Bradford.

Both her mom and I were driven to list her qualities in our birthday greetings.

Her mom wrote this on Facebook:

Brenda Burston
is wishing her beautiful, smart, funny, loves all animals especially horses and dogs, can't get enough of her cousins and Omie and Grandad, park loving, ipod playing, elite hug giver, sun worshiper, cottage dreamer, kind hearted, fiercly loyal, "don't mess with me" daughter Victoria a very happy 12th birthday. I love you girlie! xoxox

I wrote in her card:

A lover of all creatures fluffy
A writer of very good stories
A devourer of books
A girl who has wit and knows how to use words well
And who has her own taste in clothes

Our gift to Tori was a soft fluffy grey and blue grey "reading blanket," and a gift card for Chapters. 

As we were winding up supper I asked her if she'd like me to take her to Chapters to use her gift card. She straightened up in instant animation, eyebrows shooting up and her head nodding yes!

So we set off into the dark night for Newmarket--Tori anticipating the thrill of a new book or two.

When we got to Chapters, I automatically headed in the direction of the children's section. I soon realized I was on my own. Tori had made a bee line for the teen section (what was I thinking?) 

The next morning at breakfast, Tippy, Tori and Brenda came upstairs for pancakes. Tori was not the sparkly girl she'd been the evening before, but having read far into the night (how I remember those nights) she was seriously groggy. 

Brenda used to wake up at 5.30 in the morning singing when she was a child and is still bright and booming in the morning. 

Tori covered her ears.

"Does that help?" asked Brenda.

"Only when you talk," said Tori and she covered her eyes for good measure.

"Does that help? asked Brenda again.

"Only when you look at me," said Tori.

"I think I feel another Facebook status coming on," said Brenda.


Dave Hingsburger said...

12 years old, one more year and you'll have a teenager! What a wonderful gift - I think blankets are maybe the best gift ever ... and a chance to shop would be a close second. But it was taking her on an improptu shopping trip, something unexpected, something done together, that was probably the best gift of all. What a gift it is to know how and when and what to give.

Belinda said...

Dave, the words of one of my colleagues at work were on my mind when I made the suggestion to "go" to Chapters. She said she always "does something" with her grandchildren rather than just give gifts. You're right, it's the added gift, or the best gift, if we can do it! :)