Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The T Shirt

Today I received this email from a friend named Debbie, who added some detail to my post Reading T Shirts.

I tried to post the video but couldn't make it work. If you click the link though, it will take you the website for Cross Trainers, and a video that tells you what the man in my line up at the grocery store had been involved in that week. It was August 21st on Saturday, so the project they refer to in the video would have been almost completed. I think the work they are doing is faith in action.

Kudos to Cross Trainers--although I know that they are doing His strength; for His glory!

Hi Belinda,
I wanted to give you a bit of background information regarding the T-shirt with 1Peter 4:11 on it. There was a week-long "manor makeover" mission that took place in Bradford at Bradford Manor. I wanted to paste the information video but it didn't have its own link so I am giving you the website link instead.

They hope to have pictures soon. There are so many "God stories".

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