Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer Memories

By Belinda
These photos were taken last Thursday, before I drove our three friends: Chris and Eileen and their daughter Nel, back to the airport after their two week vacation with us.

I thought that you might like to see them!
Also in the photos are Paul (in the photo down below and in the red shirt,) and two of our granddaughters, Tippy and Tori.

On their last day I took our three friends to Cora's (where else?) for breakfast! They were satisfyingly impressed. :) Since Eileen and Nel both work in a swanky 5 star British restaurant, called Artisan,  in Kendal, the Lake District, I was glad that Cora's passed muster.

Nel had a blueberry crepe with whipped cream
Eileen had the spinach crepes with hollandaise sauce
Chris had "Peggy's Poached," my usual choice at Cora's!

After breakfast, we went to St. Andrew's College in Aurora, where Brenda works in reception, and she was allowed to take us on a tour of part of the school, which has some very distinguished "old boys," including Kiefer Sutherland, the actor and Lawren Harris, of the Group of Seven painters. 

This is part of the beautiful library. 
After the tour of St. Andrew's, I came back home and picked up Tippy and Tori and took them out to Swiss Chalet for lunch as they couldn't fit in the car for our outing to Cora's and the school. I didn't want them to feel like so much leftover luggage so I had to make it up to them.  :)

It hardly seemed possible that two weeks had passed by so quickly and our friends were going home.

Now we have one week before Paul's uncle John and cousin Stephen arrive to grace our home. 


Deidra said...

Looks like fun! That library is absolutely stunning!

Dave Hingsburger said...

Ah, Cora's ... the brothel of breakfast! I'm glad they liked it. Looks like a wonderful visit ... you have the gift of hospitality, has anyone ever told you that?

Belinda said...

Yes, Deidra, the library is gorgeous, and so is the rest of the college. Unbelievably beautiful. An amazing place to go to school.

And Dave, yes, Cora's! Yum. And thank you for the hospitality compliment.I love creating a space of hospitality! But I must confess I am also enjoying the quiet of "just we two" this week! :)