Thursday, August 12, 2010

On A Corner in Memphis

Down below is another Janet Sketchley song recommendation and I love it.

Let it soak into your heart and soul as it did to mine. Somehow it says exactly what God is saying to me right now. Something profound is happening in me;  if it didn't have such negative connotations I would say that I am being radicalized. 

I love the question across the top of Todd Agnew's shirt, "What if Jesus meant everything he said?" Yes, what if he did?

There is such a contrast in the song between the motions we go through in church and the reality we would break through to if we broke out of the expected pattern; between the much we have and the little others have.

Like tonight, as I talked to Paul on the phone. He is far away on a northern First nations reserve, just being with people, and immersed in a totally different reality to where we live.

I am in the last throes of preparations for friends from England who arrive tomorrow. I told Paul I was moving my stuff from one bathroom to another and my clothes to another closet.

"Yeah, that's a lot of work," he said, "But we're lucky to have two bathrooms. Some people up here don't have one."

And he told me about a man that wanders the community gathering wood for the elderly for the winter and helping others out. But he has nothing himself. He and his did Paul put it? They are limited, he said.

Maybe that's not the right way to put it, but they have limits. His wife has never been to school and speaks only Ojibway. (Paul is learning Ojibway.) They have no running water and no hydro and no bathroom. They had three children, but they've been taken away. They are trying to get them back.

Paul said that the minister in the community, Mervin, is coming south in September and Paul has invited him to stay a few days with us. I think that I may feel embarrassed at our extremely comfortable home, even though we have an open door and full tables.

A couple of days ago, I said I was moving over for God. I meant that I was getting out of the way.

I think he took me at my word and moved in because I'm feeling the difference between "putting on" Christ, and trying to demonstrate his character qualities--and inviting Christ to take up residence--to be in me and live through me. He doesn't do a lot of the things I would and he loves people so much. He looks at them with more kindness through my eyes than I would.

Dear friends, close your eyes, listen to the song...and may the peace of Christ rule your hearts today.


Marilyn Yocum said...

There really IS a difference btw putting on Christ and inviting Him to live in and through. Takes a lot of letting go, daily. Ideas. Compulsions. Schedules. More. Good distinction there.

Susan said...

You're offending me. :)

Janet Sketchley said...

"Moving over for God" -- what a great way to put it! And I, too, love this song.