Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Jesus

Wow, my friend Janet over at God With Us: Finding Joy left a comment on Monday's post saying that it reminded her of Todd Agnew's song: My Jesus.

I hadn't heard the song but I always love Janet's choice of music on her blog, so I listened to it. Now I know what she meant. Yes, this is exactly what God was saying to my heart. I echo Todd's words at the end of the song: "My Jesus, I want to be like my Jesus."


Janet Sketchley said...

Todd Agnew has some amazingly thought-provoking lyrics. "On a Corner in Memphis" has a similar theme, although it's about church more than about Jesus. (I don't expect you to post another one!)

And thanks for the link--I wasn't angling for one. Just wanted to share the song.

Belinda said...

Thank you for yet another song that sounds awesome Janet! I will check it out for sure.