Monday, July 12, 2010

So Cinnamon

By Belinda

Last week, in a post entitled, The Cupboard Was Bare, I wrote of our daughter-in-law Sue's fruitless search through our cupboards for junk food. In a comment on the post, my friend Dave, wrote, "Gosh you've got to teach Sue that where ever there is a bowl of sugar, a bottle of cinnamon and a slice of hot buttered toast, you have dessert. Skinny people have no imagination!"

To Dave's astonishment, I wrote that I had never discovered the joy of cinnamon toast. I grew up in England where we ate Marmite instead. Yum! Dave was now on a mission. "Okay, Belinda, we have to fix this," he wrote, and sent me a recipe website for Cinnamon Toast.

He said, "I've never done it under the broiler, I just make buttered toast and then sprinkle it on ... but hey there are a million ways to happiness. I'll bet if you did surprise your cell group with it. They'd all have a cinnamon toast story or memory.

So I did! When Dave checked in on Friday for a report, I had one to give.

I bought a special fresh loaf of sliced raisin bread AND the recipe called for UNsalted butter, so I bought a pound of that as I never use unsalted usually. Why not have salt and fat at the same time--that's my theory! :)

Everyone but Susan was surprised that we were having cinnamon toast for dessert but promptly began to share their personal cinnamon toast recipes. No one could believe I'd never had it. Susan makes it by only toasting one side and then buttering the untoasted (but warm) side and sprinkling on the sugar mixture.

I made up the sugar cinnamon mixture as per the recipe, but I used partly demerara sugar and part white sugar. Next time I would just mix the cinnamon with white sugar because the demerara was so moist and sticky to begin with that it clumped and was hard to sprinkle.

I made the toast in the oven, under the broiler, faithfully following the preference expressed by the writer of the recipe (I am such an obedient Kiddo you know!) Susan, always happy to be a "useful engine" positioned herself at the mouth of the oven and kept her eye on the toasting bread, rotating it and turning it and making perfectly perfect toast. Then I slathered the unsalted butter on it and sprinkled it with the sticky sugar mix. Then we broiled it. The house filled with the scent of toasting bread and cinnamon.Mmmmm!

I sliced the resulting toffee covered toast in two and piled it up on a platter. Jane had already taken out several tubs of icecream and asked, "How do we eat it? Do we use a knife and fork?" We momentarily studied the question and then decreed that it was finger food. :) Thereupon we all went to town and enjoyed it mightily.

Susan took home all the leftover toast and after arriving home, wrote that David, her son who is home from university for the summer, was seated at the kitchen table, happily munching away on the toast, which he was dunking into a glass of milk.

Next time I'm going to try Susan's recipe.


Dave Hingsburger said...

Every time we've discussed cinnamon toast, I am transported back to the childhood experience of this special treat. Now you have your own experience and your own memory!

Marilyn said...

Forks and knives?! Utensils will slow you down.

Just LOVE this post!

Susan said...

Hey, let me make it next time. It's one of the very few things I can do right... Gotta have real brown sugar, though. Not that golden stuff - or demarra. Only dark will do! And the just butter HAS to have salt in it. (otherwise what's the point?) :)

Dave Hingsburger said...

Brown sugar! I say again, BROWN SUGAR!!! I could cope with the toasting one side but ... my dear ... you go too far. Cinnamon toast is made by toasting a piece of bread, buttering it generously and then sprinkling it with a mixture of white sugar and cinnamon. And that's that. I've had enough!!

Susan said...

Mr. Hingsburger, there's only one way to settle this. A cinnamon toast bake-off (or is that a "broil-off") if you dare!

Dave Hingsburger said...

OK Susan, pistols at dawn!! Or, actually, toast and noon. I'll take you up on that challenge one day ...