Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Joy of Reading Out Loud

By Belinda

They sat on our deck in the hot summer evening, sun drenched skin and hair signs of school let out. Freedom!

They chatted with their granddad out there for a long while, then came inside where I sat, tapping away on my laptop.

"I've been reading a great book," I said, "Do you want to read it together?"

"Sure!" they said and the laptop was set aside. One on either side we sat on the couch and I began to read from Jean Little's  Hey World, Here I Am!

The book is one that I bought to give as a gift but have not been able to part with until I have read it all! Although it is a children's book, I am loving it.

Torie and I, alternated reading the poems and prose out loud. We all laughed; related to and discussed the thoughts expressed.

"Are you liking this or am I forcing you to sit on the couch?" I asked, suddenly worried that they might want to leave but be too polite to say.

"No, this is fantastic," said Tippy.

Children's stories. Do we ever outgrow them? I haven't.

Tonight while sorting through papers in the very hot loft room at the top of the house, I found The Tale of Custard the Dragon. I read it for the first time when Susan gave me that very copy because it has a girl named Belinda in it--and she even has a yellow dog.

I procrastinated by reading it again!

Here it is in video form in case you would also like to hear it. Enjoy it with one of the children in your life.

Here's to the summer and reading out loud.

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Susan said...

I still remember my mom reading that poem to me. That would be over fifty years ago now. I couldn't stop giggling then and I can't stop smiling now!