Thursday, July 29, 2010


By Belinda

Our house has been in a hustle-bustle for the past week, rapidly approaching a crescendo of activity as this weekend draws closer.

Paul is leaving tomorrow morning for a three week trip  to Mishkeegogamang, a First Nations reserve about a 1000 kilometers north. He has been trying to take care of all of the things he would normally do at home in the next three weeks.

Brenda and the girls are packing for a trip to the cottage this weekend. But first they are going to their dad's overnight, and then they are going away to Circle Square Ranch for a week next weekend. Downstairs the washing machine and permanent markers are busy.

I'm not going anywhere! Molson and I,with two cockatiels and a chinchilla, will be at home.

The vacuum was whining downstairs tonight like a dentist's drill. I opened the door to the apartment down there and Molson, from his comfortable place on the couch, spotted me at once.

I flung words in his direction over the now amplified whining. I'm sure he heard only one important word: WALK No more needed to be said. He jumped from the couch as eagerly as a wallflower being asked to dance!

We are off, into the evening air scented with wood burning and fresh mown grass.

As we walk I pay special attention to the older houses in Bond Head.

Our post office has sets of books published by our local historical society. Laurie, the woman who runs the post office, seemed to have immersed herself in them for she thumbed through one and excitedly showed me photos.

"That's our mill, and here's "Murder Hill!'" she said. And she pointed out all sorts of buildings in Bond Head and their history. I could not resist the books, entitled, The Legacy of West Gwillimbury and bought them..

I  have already been fascinated by what I have read about Bond Head. This tiny hamlet has history.Looking at photographs of buildings and families who settled this area first, is so interesting.

I love the program Cold Case. The program has a unique way of telling the stories. The viewer sees flashbacks to the past, and younger versions of the key players in the stories. The way they age people for the current scenes, is amazing.

I want to take a leaf out of Cold Case and share some of the stories here, with a photo from the past and from the present.

Molson and I walked towards the park and find a soccer game in progress. A row of cars, face towards the game, families look on from the bleachers and a group of little girls are in their own world of play beneath a tree. I am so grateful to live here.

Bond Head---I am about to learn your history. Stay tuned over the next week: I also have another story to tell about somone else who lived in Alvechurch long ago. It will appear soon.

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Marilyn said...

What an excellent exploration to set off on. I look forward to reading choice nuggets!