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 By Belinda

It was a night to debrief.

Ten of us, all  writers, gathered at our first writers group meeting since the Write! Canada conference in Guelph last month.

We shared our "take-aways," our goals, epiphanies and excitement at what we had learned and experienced at this year conference.

Oh, it was a fun evening at Bonnie's place. We spilled stories like so many knocked over jugs of milk!

There were tales of roommates hand picked by God; of callings affirmed; "Divine Appointments;" gifts acknowledged; next steps already taken and wobbly but brave launches into new territory. And that with several of us  missing.

While getting ready to leave for the writers group meeting I came across a blog post I had printed off a friend's blog last December. Sharon Olson wrote Had Your Hamburg. It is an excellent post about a book I loved: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

Gladwell wrote about consistent practice over a long time (10,000 hours) resulting in mastery of a skill. It is so applicable to our little band of scribes.

I really just meant to commend Sharon's post to you and got carried away.

It is late. Adeiu!


Marilyn Yocum said…
OUTLIERS! I just finished listening to the audiobook version yesterday, saw last evening that agent Wendy Lawton had a post about it ( and now here you mention it again.

Excellent book! Many 'writing' connections.

There is no such thing as wasted practice. (BTW, blogging is a huge discipline of practice!)

Also, seeing and seizing important.

Love the pic of the conference-goers and that you meet!
Belinda said…
Yes, Marilyn, blogging IS a huge discipline of practice and every post a step towards the 10,000 hours! :)Practice, practice, practice. There are no short cuts!
Angcat said…
" so many knocked over jugs of milk..." I love it.

And the picture.

Thank you

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