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Behind Door # 2 - the adventure continues.

Fridays with Susan...

I just read my post of two weeks ago; I wrote about how I had a choice to take what looked like it might be the easier way out (my way), or to put my trust in God's goodness and in his ability to move me where he needed me to be (his way).  "I put you there," I heard him say.  "Can't you trust me to take you back out?"

I reported, two weeks ago, that there are lilies growing in the valley - exquisite blooms which can't be found anywhere else.  And there, the bright and morning star - Jesus - shines brighter than anywhere else.  I had chosen at that point not to manipulate my own circumstances, but to put my trust in Him. 

Little did I know that the very next day after choosing to give up my "solution" and trusting God for His,  I would be sinking into a chair in Belinda's gathering room at the back of her house, sighing aloud and shaking my head. while exclaiming,  "God sure knows what he's doing when he asks us to trust him!"

Belinda looked back at me from her lazy-boy across the room.  Her eyes were just a-sparkling and her grin was as wide as the Mississippi.  She was shaking her head too - just as amazed as I was at the developments which had begun to surface that very next day and which confirmed that God is so worthy of our trust.  Things may or may not pan out just the way it appeared that day to us, or continue in the quite the same direction, but it certainly is clear that there is a wild and exciting ride in store for me.  I am absolutely exhilarated at the thought.  Some people seek a nice safe level place next to quiet waters, where everything is predictable and there are no waves to disturb them. Not me. 

I mean, the quiet waters are great to come back to in order to rest and replenish regularly, but when God made me, he deposited an insatiable thirst for adventure, for taking risks, for jumping in where angels might fear to tread. Given a choice, you can take the smooth, safe path, but I'm heading for the high road - up the impossibly steep and rocky path that is the shortest route to the top of the cliff.  No long way around for me!  And once up there, I'm happiest skirting along the brink, even teetering on the edge. 

Two weeks later, the adventure continues.  I'm close to the edge all right.  Daily there is more to do than any two people can possibly accomplish.  But after a lifetime of learning the hard way, I am finding myself finally able to loosen my grip, to let go and know that God will order my day and enable me to get the most important things done..   Day by day, and by his grace, I know that my own strength is not enough to carry me through.  In true Upside-down Kingdom fashion, I am daily offering him my weakness, saying, "God I trust you to make yourself strong through my weakness right where I am.  I'm not looking for an escape, but I am looking for you to show yourself strong on my behalf." 

He sure does love to answer that prayer.  Ask me how I know.  :)

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