Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Journey Into God

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By Belinda
It was several weeks ago, while painting a room in our home, that our daughter-in-law Sue, during a tea break, plucked a book by A.W. Tozer from one of my bookshelves. I had never read it and I could tell she wanted to, so when she went home it seemed only right that the book should leave with her! Thus began a journey that led to a study she has been leading, on The Attributes of God, by Tozer.

Along with leading the study, Sue (who denies being a writer as vehemently as Moses denied being a speaker,) began a blog! She has been writing a post to go with each chapter, at Pressing On .
Her posts made me want to read the book too, and I managed to convince our cell group that this was the book to study next. This Thursday we start and I am so excited!

Tonight I sat down for the second time, to dip into the book and I love dear A.W. already. Wrapped in my cozy black shawl, I sat with a cup of tea, candle flame flickering gently on the table before me, and read these words:

Christianity is a gateway into God. And then when you get into God, "with Christ in God," then you're on a journey into infinity, into infinitude. There is no limit and no place to stop. There isn't just one work of grace, or a second work or a third work, and then that's it. There are numberless experiences and spirititual epochs and crises that can take place in your life while you are journeying out into the heart of God in Christ.

God is infinite! That's the hardest thought I will ask you to grasp. You cannot understand what infinite means, but don't let it bother you--I don't understand it and I'm trying to explain it! "Infinite" means so much that nobody can grasp it, but reason nevertheless kneels and acknowledges that God is infinite. We mean by infinite that God knows no limits, no bounds and no end. What God is, He is without boundaries. All that God is, He is without bounds or limits.

Reading this brought me almost to tears as I meditated on it. I could see myself embarking with my friends, as if on the Starship Enterprise, "To boldly go, where no man has gone before!" Except that our journey will be even more boundless and incredible, because it is into God, not space.

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