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Gratitude for the Lost Being Found

holy experience

By Belinda
There is such celebration for lost things found.

Nearly four years ago, at the end of a work day, I found that the silver necklace I was wearing that day had somehow come undone and the pendant had slipped from the chain. The small amethyst coloured stone, in a setting of silver, had vanished.

The stone was unusual in that it changed colour depending on factors in the environment--sometimes it was lavender, other times pale ice blue; but it wasn't the stone or setting itself that was of value--the pendant was originally Mum's and had been a gift from her mother some 65 years before.

On the day I lost it I had been at a hotel, a restaurant and two offices, in three different towns. Finding the pendant seemed hopeless, but I tried. I made phone calls and people went and looked for it and checked to see if it had been handed in, but it wasn't found.

I went to the gravel parking lot opposite my office, where I had parked my car. I looked in the approximate location that I had parked, but couldn't see it. A colleague asked me what I was looking for and I told her. A determined glint filled her eye and she said, "When my shift ends I will look for it Belinda."

I thanked her for her kind promise, but didn't expect the wonderful phone call when it came, telling me that she had, against all odds, found the tiny silver pendant amongst the gravel stones. My joy was overwhelming.

Lost things...God has a particular passion for them. He never gives up his patient pursuit of the lost. Our dogged determination to find something precious that is lost does not compare to his tireless tenacity in search of the lost.

I am grateful that when I lose myself he finds me and when someone close seems to have lost their way, I can trust them to him.


Marilyn Yocum said…
YES!! I am grateful for this, too!
Anonymous said…
Yes I too am so thankful for the lost found. A big sigh of relief and thankfulness to God for how he looks over and protects us and cares for our lost things, people or items.
Yesterday we heard our cousin speak of how her friend lost in Hati, and there efforts while she was there to find her friend. What a story to hear from first hand account.
Thanks for your call last evening..

Lori Lei
Deidra said…
I imagine that same determined glint in the eye of God when He set out to make sure each one of us is "found."
Marian said…
God is good!
Once, when I was very young, I was lost in a shopping mall in Calgary. Suddenly the world seemed so strange and foreign and I had no anchor. The experience of being found is wonderfully deep.
Poppy said…
Dear Bel-Oh boy! How I love this post! It really conveys the idea of how much God did,does and will do in His quest for our souls.I love that I'm sooooo wanted by Him.And what a comfort to know that my children,husband,friends and everything important to me is also so passionately loved.I love Him...Poppy
Suz said…
I love a happy ending. I had a similar experience with a pearl bracelet that had been my mother's It broke and fell off my wrist. I was beside myself but my husband looked and found it on the floor of the car. It was a miracle and I cried for joy. I can certainly identify with your story.

Thank you for sharing.

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