Saturday, February 06, 2010

Book Exchange

By Belinda

It was really worship practice, but it felt more like Christmas. In the capacious, black leather overnight bag that doubles as a carryall for me, I had two books from my bookshelf to give to friends on the worship team.

One friend has just taken on the leadership of the worship ministry in our church, and the other has just become a worship leader, a new role for her.

Passing the books on to them gave me joy. I had only partially read one, and not the other. Giving them to Cheryl and Frances, said, "I believe in you. I want to invest in your leadership. I am for you!" They received the books with smiling eyes.

But there was more! Frances, too, was rummaging in her purse, and out of its depths she triumphantly pulled a book, which she presented to me.

I gasped in excitement, "Wow, I have always wanted to read a book by Warren Wiersbe."

Frances pointed to the title, God Isn’t in a Hurry: Learning to Slow Down and Live , and said how she knew it fit in perfectly with God's work in my life of late, but her brow furrowed as she tried to explain why also she had chosen that author. "Isn't he the person you wrote the award speech for?" she asked. That had been Rudy Wiebe not Wiersbe--but Warren Wiersbe has been on my "to read" list forever! We laughed in delight at God's way of surprising us perfectly--and the book had cost all of 25 cents at the Global Village thrift store.

Later this week, Susan said, "I hope you haven't picked up Deafening yet!" That is the next book in the Vita book club, which discusses books on disability and also will be discussed on our friend Dave's blog, Rolling Around in My Head . This book is by Frances Itani and we are both reading it and spreading the word among our colleagues. Tonight the book was hanging on my front door knob, tied with a red ribbon.

Now, after giving two books away and receiving two back, I will have to stop everything else and start reading.

Happy Weekend everyone!


Dave Hingsburger said...

Oh, aren't books wonderful. I finished Deafening a couple days ago. Sitting on the couch, tea cooling beside me while I cried and cried.

Belinda said...

You've finished it?! I've only started it and love it, but now I can't wait to steal away and read more! Thank you for the gift of introduction to the book and the joy of reading it with friends.