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Multitude Monday

holy experience

A daily ritual unfolds...a candle lit; the lid of a hassock lifted--a treasure trove lies within--Bible and book bag of softest needlecord, ochre and aqua...and my precious Daily Light.

I wonder if the Bagster family could have imagined that the book they compiled, Daily Light on the Daily Path would be loved so much after more than two centuries. They who prayed over each page until they were satisfied that they had heard God's voice for each day's selection of scripture, simply followed his leading.

It was through my dear Aunt Agnes, over thirty years ago, that I first became aware of the existence of this book. She read it daily and since her copy was falling apart, on one of her December 27th birthdays I bought her a new one. When she died, hers was given to me. That one had scripture from the King James version of the Bible, but now it is readily available in several modern English versions.

Mine is falling apart, just like Aunt Agnes's was, but every now and then I just add another layer of Scotch tape. It is one of the things I would be sure to pack if leaving home for more than a day--unless I am going to England--where I can borrow Mum's.

The notations on the pages track important milestones and turning points in my life. How often God has used this little book to speak to me!

And it is not uncommon for friends to call to share a significant moment in their journey, prefacing the conversation with the question: "Did you read today's Daily Light?"

I have given countless copies as gifts, so almost everyone in my life has their own.

Today I give thanks for all who faithfully follow the direction of God's Holy Spirit, doing "Whatever He Says." For who can tell what blessing it may be to another?


Marilyn said…
Beautiful words. You have a rich inheritance!
Susan said…
My D'light (a gift from you!) was open this morning and lingered long over words that spoke deeply into my experience... It is available on-line at

and can also be set up as an RSS feed to come daily by email. But I'm with you - the one you hold in your hands that becomes dog-eared and layered with scotch tape with notations in the margins is the "real" D'light! :) God has spoken to me many, many times through His Word on those pages... and I expect him to - every day!
Heather said…
Belinda, Andrew and I have begun our year with the Daily Light you gave him as a gift in 2006. We've been sharing the scriptures together, and enjoying spending the time together in the Word.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity through your generous spirit!
Belinda said…
Oh, Heather, I am so excited that you and Andrew are reading the Daily Light together! I read it first thing in the morning (New International--my battered copy) and then at breakfast Paul reads it from his copy (New Living Translation) and we enjoy it together.

Susan, yes, I almost mentioned your d'lightful contraction of the title! I'm glad that you did. :)

And Marilyn--thank you. Yes, a rich inheritance.

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