Thursday, January 28, 2010

By Belinda

Happy Thursday Everyone! As I write this it is still Wednesday evening and Paul and I just arrived home from celebrating Doug Sewell's 30th anniversary with Christian Horizons.

Doug is my boss and much loved by all of us who serve under his leadership. I am so glad that as well as sharing a funny story, I had the chance to share the two things I cherish most in his leadership:

1) The fact that I can count without asking, on the fact that he will never stand for the people that we serve, being treated as second class citizens in any way and that we have his backing in any question over that.

2) I have also learned from him to lead with mercy. There have been times when he has said to me, "Yes, you can do that; you would be justified in doing that; but you don't have to do that." And then he left the choice with me. I've been the recipient of that mercy at times, too. His leadership has been a forming influence in my own.

As Paul and I drove up to Huntsville and then on to Dwight, we left behind sunny blue skies and clear roads and entered Winterland! We have been so spoiled with mild weather this winter that we almost forgot what it was like to sit hunched over a steering wheel peering through a windshield at falling snow, tense at the slippery snow covered road beneath your tires.

We arrived home safely and in my In Box I found another post on our daughter-in-law's blog, Pressing On, entitled Plus God. I think Whatever He Says readers will find it fruitful reading. Be blessed if you venture there--and be blessed in your day.


Angcat said...

30 years!

Congratulations to Doug. I so agree Belinda. CH and all of us who've been influenced by him are so blessed. I bet there were some good stories that day.


Belinda said...

Dear Ang,
Yes! I told the tale of the day my stove broke down, just when I was about to put the Yorkshire puddings in at our Christmas dinner. You have probably read or heard about the funny moment when all of the guys in the party decided to replace the element in the stove and while doing so, Doug was launching into the story of how he electrocuted himself once when fixing a cable in his attic. I took a photo of the guys at work, just as he was telling the story, and the ensuing flash shattered everyone's nerves. :)