Saturday, January 09, 2010


What has happened to Global Warming? I want to know! I entered my chilly office early on Friday morning, and plugged in the small heater that supplements our puny warm air supply. On and off throughout the day it came on and I basked in its gentle hum, thankful that it took the edge off the bracing coolness.

When lunchtime came and I needed to go to the post office to see if an expected parcel had arrived, I admit that although the post office is only down the road and I sure could use the exercise, I only crossed the road to my already warming car and drove there.

Yesterday morning my brother Rob called from England. "We just thought we'd let you know that we are all right," he said.

"That's very thoughtful," I replied, wondering why they wouldn't be. I hadn't heard the news for a few days and didn't know that England was also struggling through freezing cold weather and snow. I just checked the BBC weather website and it says:
Weather disruption and school closures due to snow, ice, wind, and rain

Train services through Birmingham New Street are experiencing delays and suspensions due to signalling problems; the Cross City line is running a half-hourly service, and trains between Birmingham New Street, Birmingham International, and Coventry are cancelled.
Last update 15:31 Friday 8 January

Rob, my embedded reporter in England, described making a trip to Sainsbury's, the grocery store, which is 3 miles away, to stock up on food, especially bread, because he had given a loaf to Olive, an elderly neighbour, then realized that it was his last one in stock. It sounded as though lots of people were holing up; once stocked up. Schools were closed and people were staying home from work. He and Mum, though, were snug, warm, and safe.

On Friday I stayed late at the office and didn't leave until 6.15. I planned to go grocery shopping in two places and stop off at a medical centre before going home. Everything in me just wanted to go home and make tea but by sheer force of will I drove to the first store and "got on with it." Having a British "stiff upper lip" comes in handy now and again. I pull it out for just such occasions.

By the time I was leaving Costco it was 8.30 p.m., the wind had picked up--and my stiff upper lip had blown off. I cannot describe how nasty it was to battle the wind with flapping, environmentally friendly grocery bags, trying to lasso the groceries in the big buggy. I was tempted to just toss them into the trunk of my car individually, but I was thinking ahead to the emptying process in Bond Head and didn't fancy fishing one thing at a time out in the dark and windy driveway.

I jumped into the car with the speed of someone escaping an axe murderer and thanked God that I was inside. Yes! I am a winter weakling.

What was the title of Susan's post yesterday? Escaping winter! Yes, lets.


Joanna Mallory said...

Escape into your warm house, Belinda, and enjoy hot tea and a warm blanket. Can't do that in the summer! (At least I can't, it's too warm)

I hope today is warmer!

Susan said...

See you in the spring! :)