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The Logic of a Seven-Year-Old

posted by Susan

Matthew is 7, and cute as a button. He transferred from a Christian school to the public system this year, due to financial constraints. If you'd been a fly on the wall at my daughter's house next door, this is the conversation between him and his mom which you would have overheard yesterday:

"Mom, the kids at this school are stupid."


"They don't know ANYTHING..."

"What do you mean, Matthew?" (The discussion about whether it is okay to call anyone "stupid" was reserved for later. Right now Beth was interested in drawing out his feelings.)

"They believe in Santa Claus," he answered, "and they believe in the Easter bunny," (at this point, incredulous, he screwed up his face and tilted his head a little to the side) "but they don't believe in God."

I'm so glad that at seven his spiritual eyes have already been opened and he can identify some of the ironies of the culture around him.

Out of the mouths of babes...


I'm ok with Santa, I even sort of understand him, but boy do I hate the Easter Bunny ... don't get it at all. Wonderful story
Marilyn said…
Liked the exchange.
Liked Dave's comment about understanding Santa.
Sarahlynn said…
So cool!
RobMonroe said…
Seems to me that this seven year old has his head screwed on right. Nice work!

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