Saturday, December 19, 2009

If Jesus Had Been Born in 2009

By Belinda

On Thursday at cell group we had a great party! We feasted and laughed and read stories out loud. Tiffany-Amber pointed out that eggnog is called chicken milk in French and I've been smiling at that thought ever since!

Barb Hustler, one of our cell family, shared a story she wrote. She prefaced it with, "I'm no writer." I beg to differ! I loved it and asked if I could publish it here. She said yes, so here is her story:

If Jesus Had Been Born in 2009

And it came to pass that there lived in Bond Head a couple called Mary and Joseph. They had lived there for some time but because the government decided everyone should go to their birthplace for a census, they needed to return to Alliston.

Joseph had been born there but moved to Bond Head where he met Mary. Oh, how lovely she was. They were very much in love.

Anyway, now they had to return to Joseph's home town Alliston, but wouldn't you know it, there was a major winter storm with white outs and everything, and so the highways were closed.

There was only one thing to do--go by snowmobile. Poor Mary, 8 3/4 months pregnant and having to travel on a snowmobile from Bond Head to Alliston.

Well, onto the snowmobile Mary got with Joseph's help. She held onto him real tight and off they went.

When they reached Alliston it was late in the day and lo and behold all the motels were full. Now what would they do? There was not one single room available. They couldn't stay outside in the storm.

Mary knew her baby was coming soon and so one of the motel managers suggested that they could use his garage. He had a couple of air mattresses and a baseboard heater he could loan them. It was better than nothing, so Joseph said, "We'll take it."

They were no sooner settled in the garage when Mary said, "Joseph, it's time. We'd better get to the hospital."

So, onto the snowmobile they got again and off they went to the Emergency doors of the hospital, only to find that cutbacks had closed the hospital.

"Now what will we do? Joseph, do something. My pains are real close and are getting very strong. There is not much time."

"We can't just sit here," Joseph thought to himself, "we'd better get back to the garage."

And so during the night, in that lowly place, the Saviour of the world was born--Christ the King. How glad they were that they had packed their First Aid kit. There was one of those emergency blankets in it and that is what they used to wrap up the little baby boy.

The cat, who lived in the garage, purred with pleasure as he gazed at the little child.

Now it was that a group of snow plow workers had stopped for their coffee break. And as they chatted together, suddenly an angel appeared to them and told them what had happened.

They could hardly believe their eyes and ears and although their coffee break was over, they said to each other, "Let's go and see this special child." And off they went.

They found Mary and Joseph and the baby in the motel garage. They worshipped him and then left. They wanted to tell everyone about the new born King and so they got on the internet and spread the word.

When the Salvation Army heard about the situation, suitable lodging was found for the family, as well as food and clothing.

Meanwhile, some very wise men, who lived down east--Halifax, I think, knew about the fact that a King had been born. So they hopped a jet and came west. After asking many people, including some important officials, they found the child. They wanted to worship the Christ Child too and they came bearing gifts. One had a bar of gold, one had some expensive perfume and another had incense.

The highways by this time, were opened, because it was much later so they came up highway 400, but they left by highway 404, going through Newmarket.

The news media got wind of the story and soon the whole world knew. It was on the news for many days and in all of the newspapers.

But sadly, like most events, it was soon forgotten by most of the people. They got on with other things. But some never forgot. They worshipped him and loved him and followed his teachings.

And some still do. But what about you?

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