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Breaking Barriers

By Belinda

This week has been full of parties to celebrate Christmas starting with the church international pot luck on Sunday.

On Friday a group of co-workers and friends gathered at our home for our team's Christmas tradition--a dinner of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding rounded out by contributions of vegetables, salads and desserts from every one. It was relaxing and simple; the house was fragrant with the scent of hot mulled cider and roasting meat.

Lunch ended with us reading a story out loud from Stuart MacLean's Vinyl cafe; passing the book around the table and reading a paragraph each to the sound of snorts of laughter and much wiping of eyes with tissues!

Finally, after an attempt at cleaning up, we sat back in the comfortable chairs in the big back room and talked. The conversation drifted to technology and Frank suggested that I might want to get some wires (I'm sure they have a more specific name)in order to play things from my laptop on the T.V.

"Hey, then I could watch a DVD when Paul's not here to put it on," I said, thinking that I could play it from my laptop.

Frank sat up, "But Belinda you have a DVD player," he said.

I explained the problem of the five incomprehensible remotes and said it wasn't a big deal to me that I couldn't use our own TV unless Paul is around. There is so much else to do.

But Frank was determined, "Belinda, you can do this, come on, I'll show you."

"Frank, it won't work," I said equally adamantly. I had a complete mental barrier set up based on previous attempts; but Frank persisted.

Still sure that I couldn't do it, I followed him into the T.V. room. I took a little pad with me to take notes. On the pad I wrote:

Upper right satellite--turn on.
Turn power on T.V.
Sony silver remote push T.V. video button and select "Video 5," below round green button.
Turn Pioneer DVD player on.
JVC machine push button third from left. If the power switch is red it is on standby--turn on.
Use black Pioneer remote for selection from menu.

Frank ran through the process; turned everything off, sat back, and with the air of one that has taught well, had me do it myself a couple of times while he watched.

Referring to my notes for each step, I did it! No one could have been more amazed than I was when it worked and the DVD about Albert Einstein that I borrowed from the library last week played. Paul is away for a few days and watching the DVD wasn't an option until now, except on my laptop. Now it is! Yeay! Thank you, Frank!

The tectonic plates in Brendaland shifted last weekend; those in Belindaland were shifting on Friday.
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Jane said…
God is a God of new beginnings. Thanks Frank for teaching Belinda.
Ah, but you've got to keep on doing it ... even when Paul is there ... to keep it in mind. I got home from a month long trip and couldn't remember where the phone book was in my phone ... and which one is the 'on' button again.

No kidding the word verification word is 'canism' ... how perfect is that for this post ... Belinda's take on the new 'canism' movement, if I can, you can!! Join 'Canism' now ... it's change your life, or at least the channel on your television.
Belinda said…
Jane and Dave, Yesterday family was here for our annual party to celebrate what we call "Dutch Christmas," or really, it is Sinterklaas (where Santa Claus gets his name.) In the chaos that ensues when 6 children from 3-11 are decorating Christmas cookies, we didn't have time to watch a 20 minute video that Brenda's friend Kevin had made to celebrate the end of the year for his championship winning women's university baseball team the Laurier Golden Hawks. I so wanted to watch it.
After everyone left, and I had finally finished cleaning up, I reheated a cup of tea (I know, some people will think that's gross,)got out my notes :) and played the DVD! I couldn't have done it without the notes and I will probably have to refer to them forever--so Dave, I totally understand. I write all of these things down somewhere and hope I remember where!
I am in Frank's debt--big time. :)
Happy Sabbath!
Belinda said…
P.S. Kevin is the team's coach.
Dawn said…
As a suggestion, make up another copy of your notes and tape it to the side of the DVD player so you can always find it.
Belinda said…
Thanks Dawn, that is a great idea! In bold print! :)

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