Tuesday, November 24, 2009


By Belinda

Isn't it funny how when God is on the move in an area of a person's life, everything seems to connect and reinforce the work in some way?

My seemingly endless quest to declutter our house has been ongoing for weeks, but I have been relentless. And out of chaos, a beautiful order is emerging...and space...

The space brings with it restfulness and tranquility. There is room for people to move around; space to get things out and use and put away again, because they all have a place where they belong that is neat and orderly; not cluttered.

Nearly everything in our house now has a purpose or value. It is earning its keep in some way in our lives; not just "taking up space." I have been steadily giving away stuff that no longer has a purpose to me, and delighting in seeing someone else pick it up; knowing that they will enjoy using it for a season in their lives.

A couple of weeks ago at our work leadership conference (the one which was the genesis of the Great Pumpkin Nut Loaf Bake-off) our CEO challenged us to declutter our lives.

I took his admonishment to heart and pondered the parallel with my loft room.

As space and simplicity were becoming our surroundings, they were bringing peace. And so, in my life, this is a decluttering time; a time to let go of some roles and responsibilities; prayerfully and without guilt. I realized that God never asked me to do much of what weighed me down.

On this Sunday past, the first Sunday in which I truly felt that I "celebrated" Sabbath, I saw that as in our house we have created space, so also in my life, through this process, I have created room for God to move with his agenda.

On page 51 of the book we are studying with our cell group: Sabbath, Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest, by Wayne Muller, there is a beautiful quote that expresses this so perfectly.

All life has emptiness at its core; it is the quiet hollow reed through which the wind of God blows and makes the music that is our life. Without that emptiness, we are clogged and unable to give birth to music, love, or kindness. All creation springs from emptiness...


Suz said...

It all sounds wonderful I am in desparate need of de-cluttering but I keep putting it off with one excuse or another. You have given me new motivation. Thank you.

Beth said...

Your past decluttering has blessed me. Clothes you had passed to me have been worn with appreciation. I thought you might like to know that a number of those items have now moved on so that yet another person may be blessed. You may recognize some of my sister-in-laws outfits...

mercygraceword said...

Now I wish even more that I hadn't been sick for Geneva (oh wait, we're to live with no regrets :o)
Anyway, you said "I have been relentless", what gave you the strength to follow-through? I've had a lot of false starts in de-cluttering physically and spiritually.
Wonderful reflections, thank you.

Marilyn said...

Yes, yes, yes! We must be willing to make the space and listen for God to show us how!

Belinda said...

Dear Friends!
First, Suz: It brings me joy to know that you are encouraged anew. It is possible. No mess could be worse than mine was--trust me! :) I just started and kept going, slow but sure, just like the dripping of a tap. It's the getting started and keeping going that is the trick. Having a daughter in law who was coming to paint, helped.

Beth: Your comment blessed my heart. I hadn't noticed your sister-in-law's wardrobe source-just always notice that she's beautiful. Now you've inspired me to declutter my wardrobe even more. I know there are things in there that haven't been worn for a while.

Deborah: I did miss you at Geneva Park. Now I know why. Hopefully some of what I've written has given you a glimpse into our time there. Next year in Geneva, sister!

Marilyn: Thanks for the affirmation. Yes, yes, indeed.

Belinda said...

Whoops, Deborah, I forgot to answer what gave me the strength to be relentless. I'm not sure, except that once I'd started, it just had to be done. The mess in the loft room was beyond belief, but there was gold in the piles, and now I know exactly where it is when I want to access it. It was a process that suddenly had a "tipping point," where one pile at a time I got through it. But it really did take months! Unbelievable, isn't it? Know that it will take months and don't be discouraged. You can do it too. :)