Thursday, August 06, 2009

Revelation of the Embarrassing Type

Do they ever end--The Confessions of Belinda?

This morning, just before leaving for work, I was thinking of the careful questions that the doctor asked me in the Emergency Department last night. Had I been doing any repetetive actions or anything out of the norm? I shook my head, wide eyed. No, there was nothing I could think of that would fit those categories. As I pondered this, like puzzle pieces coming together in slow motion in my head, I had a revelation about what had caused the problem with intercostal muscle on my left side.

I saw myself sitting on the couch the night before the pain, where the last thing I did was write a blog post. I closed my laptop, and lifted it from a sitting position across to the end table on my left.

My "heart attack" was caused by repetetive laptop lifting. A writerly hazard to be aware of.

I thought I should put everyone's mind at rest--just in case there was anyone worrying about me. Well maybe you should keep worrying--just for another reason! :)


Marilyn said...

RLL! Repetitive Laptop Lifting!

I used to be a chronic sufferer until I started working out to prevent the horrible consequences. Hahahahahaha!

I'm glad you remembered.

Julie said...

Gotta love those people who love to live on the edge... Praying for your recovery and waiting in anticipation for your next adventure