Friday, July 17, 2009

Short and Sweet

"My people shall be satisfied with my goodness..." Jer. 31:14

I have been hearing the beating of Father's heart in these words these last few days. I can only imagine what it would mean to him that we his children, the objects of his love, would be satisfied with his goodness alone. Not running to and fro and here and there looking for satisfaction or fulfillment in anything else. Not looking to find it in a book or a relationship or in our work, or in a television show. Not settling for second best. Him alone.

His goodness Nothing more is needed, nothing less will do. Not looking anywhere else to be satisfied, not putting our hope in "stuff" or people, but finding all our sufficiency in him.

I saw his goodness in a thousand ways today. In the fledgling robin that found it's way to a safe place on our back porch, perched on the edge of the bucket son Joel left there after washing his car. In the rosy glow of billowing clouds on the horizon as dusk settled over the hills. In the brilliant hues of the butterfly that briefly settled on the mat at the back door for a few minutes this afternoon. In the bread that was broken together and shared today with others, not once, but twice. In the hearts that were broken open and contents spilled out in humility as lives were shared. In the patience of a friend who struggled through the awkwardness of a discordant note and waited until understanding broke through - and intimacy was preserved. In the laughter of a team of co-workers who love each other and are passionate about their work. In the silent "thankyou" which came from the big brown eyes of my dog Peach, after cleaning out her itching ears. In the goodnight hug of a faithful friend. In the soft and steady breathing on the pillow beside me as I get ready to go to sleep.

Satisfied with his goodness. Making his heart glad.

That's all I want to do Lord. That's all I want to be. Satisfied. With your goodness. Nothing more, nothing less.


Belinda said...

"That's all I want to do Lord. That's all I want to be."
Amen, sister and friend!

I sing a song of love to you, my precious Jesus, loving Saviour!

Marilyn said...

You've struck a chord here!

The lack of a sense of satisfaction lies at the root of so many problems. I started thinking about this when I learned that the way to say you've had enough to eat in Spanish is to say "I'm satisfied." Estoy satisfecho.

"Satisfied?" I remarked to my husband. "If I wait until I feel satisfied, I'll never stop eating."

A sense of satisfaction was never cultivated in me.

Food might be a silly and common example, but it applies and it definitely extends to, as you say, possessions, work, relationships and more.

Thanks for pointing out the verse and for the list of things that satisfied you. I enjoyed reading the it and savoring each one.

This week I had a very SATISFYING Georgia peach - time stops in the presence of an excellent peach!

Joanna Mallory said...

Susan, thank you for this. It's such a simple concept, to be satisfied with God's goodness, and yet we rarely live it out. And really, isn't He all we need? All the other things we run after will let us down.

Marilyn's comment challenges me to cultivate a sense of satisfaction.

Guess I know what I'll be thinking about this week!