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Can it Really be True?

It was June 1st, 1968, my 18th birthday, and we were engaged! Since the party on December 23rd 1967; the night of the red dress; Paul and I had been inseparable.

In typical fashion for me, that day unfolded in a whirlwind of activity. I feel breathless reading the account below. I should explain that Mum would have been immobilized at the thought of a preparing for a party--even a small family one, which was why I started the day by making sausage rolls and a flan; not that I minded--I loved doing that sort of thing:

Woke up at 7.00, got up, had breakfast, made my sausage rolls and bacon and egg flan and got ready to go to Redditch.

Auntie Corry and Oma phoned from Germany to congratulate us.

The weather was really boiling hot. Caught the 20 to 11 bus into Redditch and bought some last minute bits for the party; some shoes, a handbag, some earrings and some perfume for Mrs. B's birthday tomorrow.

Was just in time for the dentist at 11.45. Got home at 1.00 and all afternoon was busy cooking and getting things ready for the party.

Had a bath and changed and was just ready when Paul arrived. Diana phoned to say happy birthday too, and had a stack of cards (over 20!) Paul gave me the most beautiful birthday present--a little gold watch. Oh, it's really sweet--he shouldn't have--he's so good to me.

Everyone soon arrived and the party really was a success. We had some super presents. Everyone really got on well--Mr. and Mrs. B. nattering away with Mr. and Mrs. C. and everyone else laughing and eating!

Paul and I sat alone, just together, and had our own private party in the dining room later. It ended with a good sing-song with John on the guitar and Mr. B. on the accordian.

Can it really be true that we're engaged at last!? Thank God for every wonderful blessing!

And can it really be true that this was 41 years ago? But it was. And I notice that I had a weakness for excessive exclamation marks even then.


Marilyn said…
What fun! Like an account in a good book or movie!
Belinda said…
Oh, Marilyn, I'm so glad you're enjoying it. After writing the post last night, I happened to read my New Year's Resolutions at the end of 1968. I burst out laughing when I read them. I have no idea what I was thinking or where some of them came from (well a few, I do, but thank the Lord that he never gives up on us!)I sounded like such an air head. But maybe when I'm 80 I'll think that I was an air head in 2009. Probably. :)
Susan said…
Belinda, you haven't changed a bit! Except maybe lost a little weight... :)

Now Paul, on the other hand... looks much handsomer nowadays!

But... more questions... You have the most beautiful and exquisitely unusual engagement ring I have ever seen. (no run-of-the-mill solitaire for you!) How did that come about? How did you/he come up with that unusual design? Did you you shop for it together and then Paul gave it to you on your birthday? Did he surprise you with it? More, please! :) (And how 'bout posting a photo of it for everyone who might not have had a chance to see it themselves.)

And... I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in that "party of your own in the dining room". :)

And... you sounded like a perfectly normal 18 year old to me. You were just a baby!!! (I waited until I was more mature. We got engaged on my 19th birthday.) And Ron was 19, too, though he turned 20 before we got married. Crazy days...
Brave Raven said…
Your story deserves lots of exclamation marks (from one who has the same weakness)!!
!!!!! Indeed.

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