Friday, October 31, 2008

Snowflakes and Sunflowers

Snowcapped sunflowers drooped against the fence, while fallen aspen leaves bled their last scarlet drops into the cloak of white; our burning bush, ablaze in fiery reds now subdued beneath winters first fall.
It crept up on us and caught us unawares, basking in the blaze of autumn and then suddenly, you couldn’t see the forest for the snow.

Life is like that…

The spring of childhood seems never ending; rosy, blooming hope, bursting with potential, all of life in front, sunny days ahead.

Then summer’s tawny hot, full of infallible days and youthful exploits, beaches of firm skin and endless starry nights seeming to reach into infinity…

…until the first day of autumn arrives and leaves her rusty trail of laugh lines gathering around eyes, and hearts a little wiser than before. Rich and colorful, she's no fool this willow, robed in beauty and robust in her form. She’s tall and surrounded by saplings seeded down in previous summers spent.

And then the snow falls, forest’s former glory, now blessed with winter’s aging crown. Brittle branches break and fall too easily and the chill sets in deep. Yet that depth is lit from within by a warmth of wisdom, a wealth of memories, a well of experience waiting to be tapped into. Just as the towering maple cradles golden syrup deep within it’s heart, nourishing and sweetening the one who will reach past gnarled trunk into the nurturing life within, so it is with those who embrace life’s final season.


The snow swirled on, ponderous flakes filling the gray canopy above, while final, brave, earth bound blooms drew petals close around fading faces, reminders of those hazy, happy days.


Susan said...

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. I love this, Ang. I am inspired!

Joyful Fox said...

Beautiful imagery! What a creative way of describing the life cycle.

Thanks for a lift to this last morning of October.

Night Owl as Night Sky (for Halloween) said...

Wow, Angcat, you have a beautiful gift with words. Your writing is so colourful, like music!

Belinda said...

Dear Ang,
I loved every poetic, lyrical word and all of the layers of meaning. What a lovely picture to savour of a day I missed.