Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Journey

My friend Poppy requested; after reading the post, The School, the Street and the Saviour, this addendum, a poem I wrote in 1982, about my spiritual journey. Thank you for asking Poppy, and thank you Lord, for the journey.

Not for me the blinding light
Of a Damascus road,
But then, I was no Saul, no persecutor of Christians
hater of Christ

I walked in two worlds, finding both exciting, beckoning,
as I stood on the threshold of my life

For me, the Spirit’s gentle wooing,
How wise, how wonderful, God’s many ways, of reaching us,
His wayward ones

More and more, I became His, until I saw the world, through strangely different eyes.
Things that once beckoned, now had lost their charm,
As He so gently guided me
away from harm

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Angcat said...

Beautiful B.
Thank you for sharing this.