Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Giving Thanks

He sat on the couch yesterday evening, rocking gently. Worship music played on Life 100.3. His eyes were closed and I said "Nicky, don't go to sleep now honey, it's not time."

He replied "I'm not Mommy, I'm just prayin' for Jesus."

"Oh," I whispered out, "you're worshipping?", and he nodded "Yes, Mom, I'm asking Jesus to come down here in our house."

I tiptoed quietly upstairs to my sick husband and told him of our conversation.

A busy weekend, a little fragmented, as Frank had been very sick, unable to participate in any way in family life or festivities with relatives, but we carried on.

Thankfulness can be a choice, but after Nicky prayed, little boy, quiet soul on the couch, my heart softly soared on the wings of hope and gratitude.

Jesus did come down in our house, to remind of thankfulness, for a heart of appreciation, that warm sense of rightness that comes from knowing in the deepest sense, the blessing and presence of God in all circumstances.

It's too easy to be moved to murmuring, to laud the lack of sleep, wallow under pressure and excuse away bad behavior.
But all of those come out of a heart that isn't thankful, that doesn't know or trust that His Will is woven into all we experience, and that if we will, we can experience Him in all things.

So I am thankful...

~for Spirit led prayers on the couch
~for autumn colors that set the view ablaze as we walked this afternoon
~for my husband who is starting to recover from the awful bug that bit him, and who was a trooper through it all
~for children who screeched and laughed and ran 'till we all couldn't drag in another breath, during our game of capture the flag
~for fleet footed children who I love to watch as they tear up the turf and the wind flattens hair back along sweaty heads, eyes sparkling as they dodge and dash
~for my sisters and brothers we gathered with yesterday, warm familiar hugs, silliness and giggles, walks in the fresh fallness, a feast shared, good byes said under a canopy of black as little ones settled with heavy eyes into waiting vehicles
~for my Mum and Dad whom I love so much~steady and sure, loving and giving~tight hugs, deep glances, prayers and blessings said
~for my Lord and God who is molding faithfully, patiently~Who knows the finished product, and persistently, lovingly and firmly presses me onto the wheel
~for struggles that refine, for a deeper faith emerging, roots reaching farther past the surface of understanding to knowing Him and His will in those places
~for this Blog family as we share our journeys and stories and grow together, I appreciate each one.


Belinda said...

What a precious moment with Nicky, to see a child's heart in tune with God's Spirit.

Thank you for taking us into your Thanksgiving celebrations. We have so much to give thanks for. God is so good.

Joyful Fox said...


It blesses my heart to see you find thankfulness in spite of Frank's sickness and in spite of carrying that extra load. Your thankfulness in this blesses me.