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Three Red Suitcases, Right on Time

As usual, of a Friday evening, I am sitting here with no idea what I'm going to write for the blog. My mind and my heart gently slip into free fall as my fingers fly over the keyboard. Together, we'll see what emerges...

I'm on vacation. Ahhh! Two glorious weeks of rest and refreshment. We're headed for Windsor tomorrow to see my dad, and then on Sunday early, we'll be on our way to Nova Scotia. The plan is to have very few plans. We'll drive as long as we feel like driving, cycle when we feel like cycling (we're taking our bikes) and we'll stop when we feel like stopping. We're taking 17 year 0ld Jorie along (she's my favourite kid, but then you'll hear me say that about ALL my kids) and this will likely be our last family vacation with her. In fact, this could be our last family vacation altogether, as, comparatively speaking, we are perched very close to the edge now of becoming empty nesters. Our next vacation, and for the first time since 1973 when we were expecting Daniel, our first child, will likely be just the two of us.

This week has been a one of gentle reminders, one after another, of God's love toward us and a perfect fitting together of circumstances that makes me know that he still has a plan for our lives and that he is in perfect control.

It's been a long hard week at work. One of getting ready for an exhaustive program audit and then trying to bring the chaos that was left of my office into some kind of order for those who will watch over my program while I am away. I left piles, and notes, and lists, and now, though I love my job, it is demanding and fraught with crises, so thankfully, it is that time of year to forget it all. For two precious weeks of reconnecting with my husband and youngest daughter. And through the wonders of his creation, God himself.

There are so many litttle ways that God expresses his love for us, if our eyes are open and we are watching. Just one example this week...

Months ago, Ron gave me a little catalogue and asked me to pick out the award he was to receive for 10 years of service to the surveying and engineering firm where he works. I pored over the offerings on the ten year pages. There were watches, gold necklaces, rings, a fancy clock, Inuit sculptures, and other objects d'art. But nothing that quite struck my fancy. But there was a set of luggage and after much discussion with him and deliberation over whether this would be the best choice, we finally ordered it. And then promptly forgot all about it.

Yesterday, in the Mississauga office where he now works, his boss received a call from the head office in Markham. There was a set of luggage there with Ron's name on it.

"Why he's going on vacation tomorrow!" his boss said.

"Then we'll courier it right over there today."

This evening, at the beginning of our vacation, the first we've taken together in a very long time, Ron walked in with a lovely set of soft sided, nesting, luggage, bright red. Bright shiny new. Empty and ready to fill. The timing was impeccable.

That, don't you think, is evidence of God's hand in our lives? His way of saying, "Yes, my children, you are right on schedule in walking out the plan I have for your lives"?

I think so. And what a way to live!


Belinda said…
How absolutely perfect that those suitcases arrived when they did.

Bon voyage dear friend. I can't wait to hear your impressions of the east coast; or wherever you end up! :)
Meg said…
Hello Susan -

What a delightful post! Good to hear the good news, isn't it? And doesn't God care so much about the details? I find it is so easy, despite what happens and what I write in my blog posts, to be unbelieving about His care for us. Windsor is my home town, I loved Nova Scotia long ago, and I have two daughters, the youngest being 17!!But I didn't start my family until 1989!! Bon Voyage!!
Have a wonderful vacation, you've earned it, you deserve it, and you probably need it. My prayers follow you.
Angcat said…
Hey Susan,
I can only echo what the others have already said...Have a restful,wonderfilled holiday.
God is so good, and his timing his perfect. Sometimes I wonder if He rubs His hands together in Fatherly glee as He sends out a gift and waits for our reaction,. Or maybe He justs sits back deeply into His throne and nods, saying 'Ahhh' with contentment at the good only He can do, as we can only thank Him, our loving Abba.
Love Ang

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