Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How the Dog was Named (author unknown)

A commenter (M) on my previous post, asked if anyone had tried spelling dog backwards. I couldn't resist sharing this piece, which I had saved on my computer. I don't know who wrote it unfortunately.

All living things gathered there that day

And blinked their eyes against the throne's bright light.

A hush spread o'er the vast and motley throng

As God himself spoke forth in mighty voice:

"My duties become so many and large

in holding sway o'er earth and sea and sky,

that now I plan to name a ruler in my stead

should I desire to leave on holiday."

The snake slid into view and hissed his claim,

"Name me ruler for I am crafty wise."

The eagle flapped his wings and shrilly screamed –

"The right is mine for I the highest fly."

But God his solemn head shook side to side;

He spoke again, "Who else lays claim to rule?"

The lion roared, "I am the king of beasts."

The whale was heard to blow, "The sea is mine."

"Why waste you all my time! My patience try!"

An angry God exclaimed; "I seek a one

Who walks the path to trust, and loyal deed;

Who wrongly struck, still grants forgiveness full.

Is none among you quick to serve and aid?

I want no thanklessness, no secret guile-

Give me the heart that's warm with loyal love."

Then silence swept the throng and all were awed.

What sound is that? Who dares e'en God offend?

Behold, a barking one whose teeth had seized

The Devil himself intent on harming God!

"My choice is made. Come hither, one." God spoke.

"Of all creation you live nearest to

the noble heavenly traits; and so my name

I backward gladly spell and call you "Dog".

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Anonymous said...

I love it!! Dog no matter which direction you spell it speaks loyalty, committment, forgiveness, holds no grudges, listens patiently, warm and affectionate, anticipates our need and is there for us, and the list goes on and on!