Monday, May 12, 2008

A Quick Hello

Dear Friends,
I am safely arrived in England, and am posting this from the brand new Alvechurch Public Library. Hey, last year Susan found a photo on-line of the old one. I wonder if she'll find one of the new library! A challenge for you Susan. :)

I have several blog posts in the making, but none ready to post yet. It has been more important to spend time with Mum and Robert and recover from the flight and a crazy week prior to the flight. I hope to have a post for Thursday (Ang Cat is up tomorrow and the library is closed on Wednesday--but there is an internet cafe not to far away--I'll do my best!)

Alvechurch in May is the closest thing to heaven on earth. My longed for bluebells are everywhere and the air is heavy with the fragrance of them, and also lilac and apple blossom. It is warm and sunny and so good to be here.

God be with everyone "over the pond!" I miss you and love you.


Dave Hingsburger said...

We miss you too Belinda - hope that you have a wonderful time at home. Waiting for the Chronicles of Alvechurch!

Angcat said...

Don't miss us too much B., as you dance in the daisies and revel in the beauty of the bluebells...
Love A.

violet said...

How nice for you! Enjoy.