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More On The Garden (and a bit on spiders)

It's amazing to me how God Works.
He has been asking me to tend His garden, of children, people, loving, listening, being His hands extended instead of hiding myself amidst pots of lilacs and honeysuckle gleaned from my Mum's garden, finding them a home around my yard. I love to lose myself over some new growth breaking the ground, showing it's dainty new green dress to the waiting audience of one. I'd stay there all day if He allowed, but of course that's not possible.
But the funny thing is that as I've yielded to His garden plan, people have been giving me more plant life for my flowerbeds, and top soil's been on sale and my farming friend provided rich, composted manure for free. Does life get any better? :-)
It's such a blessing. It's as if when I tend His garden He says "Okay, now I'll provide for yours".
Thank you Father, you are so faithful!

On a funny and completely separate note...
I was driving home from a meeting at a friend's house tonight. As the car moved through the darkness, headlights cutting a swathe of light along the country road, I became aware that I wasn't alone in the vehicle. Something with eight legs was moving across the windshield, on the inside and it was about the size of a looney.
I don't like spiders. I'd rather hold a large snake than have a many legged creature scurry over part of me in the dark.
It moved up and down the windshield, back and forth and eventually headed off to the right. I kept turning on the inside light to see where it was and was fine as long as I could see my uninvited passsenger. There was a suitable distance between us, but I had the kleenex box held tightly on my lap in case it decided to move to the ceiling and start swinging from a thread. I don't like killing things, but will if it swings at me in the dark.
The moment of consternation happened when I reached the corner to turn onto my road. There was a streetlight there so I stopped to assess the situation. Spidey was nowhere to be found.
And as I rolled around the corner and headed for home (I had about 4 kilometers to go), I had a profound thought...there's only one thing worse than having a large arachnid in your car with you, and that is not knowing where it is.
I scanned the ceiling, the window, the dashboard and then put my foot to the floor. My imagination took over as I started to feel those creepy feelings on my scalp, a quick landing of many feet and the crawl starting. So there I was driving like a maniac, slapping at my head, scratching like mad and shortly after pulling in the driveway in one piece.
The spider never did turn up.
Maybe Frank will find it in the morning...hee, hee.


Joyful Fox said…

You have been faithful to tend the garden of others God has placed around you. You've allowed yourself to shine Jesus' love in your neighbourhood, church, community, friends', and children's school. You have desired to be a blessing and God has used you.

We can't outgive God. He pours in and fills us when we are obedient. I rejoice with you on God's blessing of your garden. As you "dwell on things that are lovely..." Philippians 4:4-9, your mind, emotions, and spirit will be rejuvenated and you'll find rest in Him...I rejoice at His blessing in your life.

About the spider...thanks for made me smile and chuckle. I was right there with you in the car all the way home. A bit of life well told... THanks

May God bless you friend
Belinda said…
Dear Ang,
What a funny sight that must have been! :) I totally relate! My worst fear are flying beetles, that drop from the sky like leggy bombs the moment their wings can't take their weight any longer. I'm glad that they only appear in cycles of several years apart.
Belinda said…
Dear Ang,
What a funny sight that must have been! :) I totally relate! My worst fear are flying beetles, that drop from the sky like leggy bombs the moment their wings can't take their weight any longer. I'm glad that they only appear in cycles of several years apart.
Luisa said…
hee hee! That's so funny! :)
Really, if you think about it though, spiders are one of the nicer insects. Mosquitos are far worse, as they bite. And earwigs are far more creepy, crawly.. yuck! Besides, spiders get rid of other bugs. And aren't they the gardener's friend? :)
Love, Night Owl

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